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Pablo Picasso Art Prints

Pablo Picasso was a multi-talented sculptor, painter, printmaker, ceramicist, stage designer, poet, and playwright who lived from 1881 to 1973. Pablo's art is considered the most influential of the 20th century. His famous contribution is the development of the Cubist movement in modern art.

What is cubism?

Cubism is a style of art that uses simple geometric shapes to create the appearance of three-dimensional sculpture rather than a single viewpoint. Its development was the work of several artists including Pablo Picasso, Jean Metzinger, Georges Braque, and Fernand Leger. This movement had a significant influence on literature, architecture, and other art mediums. Picasso used cubism to express many social and political ideas. One example is the painting Guernica, which is an anti-war mural that brought attention to the Spanish Civil War. A museum in Málaga is dedicated to the works of Picasso, including his masterpiece works. His cubist works are famous and highly desired prints.

Can you own a Pablo Picasso canvas?

Although Pablo Picasso was a prolific painter who produced an estimated 50,000 works over his lifetime, only approximately 1,885 were paintings and 12,000 were drawings. Most of these are in museums and private collections. Although it is possible to own a Picasso canvas, prints of his works are readily available. Picasso prints are available for interior design in a variety of décor schemes. They are recognizable and have an appeal for serious collectors and those who want to have a classic work in their home.

What types of subjects did Picasso paint?

With thousands of drawings and paintings to his name, Pablo Picasso painted a wide variety of subjects. His subjects included portrait painting, nudes, war, beggars, and street people of all types. During his Blue Period, many of his works were sad people in dismal settings. He often painted circus settings and musicians. As his works progressed, they became more dream-like, using disjointed forms outlined in black lines. His works are expressionist and represent Picassos view of the world.

What types of prints are available from Pablo Picasso?

If you want to own a Picasso print, there are many different types available. You may be able to obtain an original print. However, there are also limited edition prints that are also collectible. These are typically numbered lithographs. In 1973, Picasso's daughter, Marina, authorized a series of prints she signed with her name. These are also extremely rare. There are mass produced prints available, the most common prints available on the market.