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Panasonic Kx P1150

Create Important Text Documents With the Panasonic KX P1150 Printer

Print out a vital homework assignment followed by a grocery list on a Panasonic KX-P1150 printer. Match the printer to a compatible computer by shopping on eBay for one of these affordable models. With the right ribbon and cartridge in place, you can produce hundreds of pages of documents in dot matrix form.

What operating system works with the Panasonic KX P1150?

Refer to the Panasonic KX-P1150 manual for detailed information about the necessary operating systems. The printer runs on Windows OS, but the specific OS may vary. Sometimes performing extra steps such as downloading the Panasonic KX-P1150 printer driver for Windows 7 is required. Generally, the operating systems used with the Panasonic KX P1150 include the following:

  • Windows 3.1
  • Windows 95
  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows NT
What is a KX-P1150 dot matrix printer?

KX-P1150 refers to a specific model of a Panasonic printer. Dot matrix refers to the operational format the printer follows. The text printed onto the page manifests from a collection of small dots coming together to create letters, symbols, numbers, and more. Dot matrix printers operate in a similar manner to a vintage electric typewriter. The device employs a part known as a print head to strike an ink ribbon with enough force to imprint the dots on the page.

How is a Panasonic KX P1150 a workgroup printer?

If the Panasonic KX P1150 lists as a workgroup printer, this means the device isnt locked into accepting print orders from one computer. Instead, the printer may take multiple print requests from a variety of computers. The various computers do need to be connected to one another and also to the printer through a single network. Computers outside the network and workgroup wouldnt be able to send print requests. Anyone who wishes to purchase the Panasonic KX-P1150 printer may do so without much effort on eBay by following standard ordering steps.

Is the Panasonic KX-P1150 a high-speed printer?

Yes, the Panasonic KX-P1150 dot matrix printer falls under the descriptive category of a high-speed printer. The device produces 240 characters per second. The printers expediently deliver black and white printouts through a 9-pin cartridge that strikes an ink ribbon. The KX-P1150 creates high-quality prints thanks to 240 x 216 DPI (dots per inch) resolution. Buying one of these new or pre-owned printers on eBay involves following the auction sites standard procedures.

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