Parking Brake Cables for Ford Focus

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Ford Focus Parking Brake Cables

The brake system is one of the most important components of any vehicles safety features. Knowledge about the parking brake of your Ford Focus is essential for your safe driving. The parking brake cable is just one part of Ford Focus brakes, and it must be kept in working condition at all times.

What is a parking brake?

This safety feature is put in place in addition to the main brakes. Also called the emergency brake or E-brake, it provides an option for an emergency stop in the event that the main brake system fails. It also can be used as additional support to keep the vehicle in place when parked, especially on inclines. On most Ford Focus models, it is located in the middle console to the right of the driver, which is in between the two front seats. It is usually made from a steel, braided cable that is wrapped in a protective sheath.

How does a manual parking brake work?

Visible to the driver is a lever inside the vehicles passenger compartment. When the lever is pulled up, the cable is pulled. This causes the brake shoes inside the drum brake to press against the cylinder, preventing the vehicles movement. The cable reaches from the front of the car or truck to the rear tires and brakes. The pressure applied is only about half of what the actual pedal brakes provide but will help if the main system has failed or when additional security is desired.

What are the signs of a damaged parking brake cable?

The signs of standard brake or parking brake failure in your Ford are pretty clear as these components serve one major function. The cable can become worn or stretched, preventing it from engaging properly. It can also break or become disconnected. Any of these issues should be addressed immediately to ensure that this feature is available for use when it may be needed.

  • Poor performance: When the cable is not able to tighten to its intended ability, the brake might still function but not provide the pressure intensity to the brake drum that is needed.
  • No performance: If the E-brake is applied but yields no results, the cable can either be too stretched out to engage, completely broken, or disconnected at one of the various points.
  • Parking brake light is on: While you might not notice any difference in the parking brakes performance, the light is designed to alert you to any possible problems with its status.

If you encounter any of these problems, you may need to purchase a replacement brake cable for your Ford Focus.