How to Shop for Pink Floyd Vinyl and LPs

One of the groundbreaking bands when it comes to progressive rock, Pink Floyd is so progressive it's almost tough to tie them down to one specific genre. While some albums favour electronic sounds, such as "Wish You Were Here," others with have a completely psychedelic feel, such as "Dark Side of the Moon." Formed in London, England in 1965, the band still performs today, albeit under a different member lineup. As with many other artists of the 1960s and 1970s when an LP was the gold standard were sound, there are quite a few very rare and collectible albums. Their long rock discography also lends itself to be a perfect band to collect for the budding LP aficionado. Many began their collection with Dark Side or The Wall, and mow have a complete ensemble.

What Types of Pink Floyd Albums Are Available?

When it comes to vinyl, there are different LP types. In the early part of the 20th century, 78s were the standard when it came to records and vinyl, but by the 1950s, 33 RPM records made their debut. Most of Pink Floyd's catalogue is on a 33 RPM LP. However, they did release some vinyl singles, and there are different types of LPs to look out for. You may be interested in:

  • Imports: Sold from a foreign label, these albums come from outside the US. As the band hails from England, there are many UK options when it comes to imports. However, you can also find releases from Japan and other countries.
  • 45s (singles): You will find some of the most popular Pink Floyd songs on singles. Look for songs such as, "Brick in the Wall," or "Have a Cigar." These also have a "B" side, sometimes with interesting, otherwise-unreleased material.
  • Remastered picks:These are not as rare as originals, but for the true audiophile, a remastered LP offers much better, modern sound quality.
  • Box sets: If you're just beginning a Pink Floyd LP collection, a vinyl box set is an optimal choice. As Floyd has many albums and has been around a number of years, this offers you (typically) the entire catalogue.

How Do I Find Rare and Common Pink Floyd?

The most rare Pink Floyd albums are promotional in nature and are hard to find; however, copies are still in circulation today, Beyond that, some of the rarest Pink Floyd vinyl albums are the first, such as the single "Arnold Layne," or its corresponding album, "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn." If you're looking for fan favourites, some of the most popular Pink Floyd LPs are listed below:

  • "Dark Side of the Moon" (often referred to as "Dark Side" or "Side of the Moon"
  • "Meddle"
  • "A Momentary Lapse of Reason" (referred to as "Momentary")
  • Pink Floyd - "Animals"
  • "The Division Bell"
  • "Saucerful of Secrets"
  • Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here"
  • "Obscured by Clouds"
  • "Atom Heart Mother"
  • Pink Floyd - "The Wall"
  • Pink Floyd - "Pulse"

There are many other Pink Floyd offerings, however, for a fan who wants a complete collection, with everything from the soundtrack to the movie "More," to "The Final Cut." There are also alternate takes or repressings of popular vinyl selections, such as "The Wall."

How Do I Find Associated Acts?

One of the greatest things about collecting Pink Floyd is also collecting the band's side projects, or their solo efforts from beyond the group. David Gilmour still tours under the band's name, and has released full albums such as "The Division Bell." However, Roger Waters is no longer part of the group, and he also has many LP and vinyl offerings. Look for solo vinyl from:

  • Syd Barrett (former member, deceased)
  • Roger Waters
  • David Gilmour
  • Nick Mason (first and current drummer)
  • Richard Wright (keyboardist, often still partners with David Gilmour)