Plate Racks and Hangers

Decorative plate collections deserve the right display racks. There are many available options, ensuring that collectors can find a display style that suits their collection. From wall-mounted plate hangers to single plate holders, these racks are a great way to organize and display plates.

What types of plate holders are available?

There are several types of holders available, including:

  • Wall-mounted plate hangers: People who don't have adequate counter space may want to invest in wall-mounted plate hangers, which allow them to hang their plates on the wall. Collectors can choose between individual hangers, which are designed to hold one plate, and multi-plate styles, which are designed to hold as many as eight plates. Larger plate hangers come in vertical and horizontal options. While some styles are decorative, with scrolls or embellishments, others are invisible, and use adhesive discs to hang plates.
  • Plate stands: Many plate stands are designed to display a single decorative dish. They can be placed on tables or shelves, and they give collectors the freedom to arrange their plates as they wish.
  • Plate shelves: Some display shelves are specially designed for decorative plates. Most of these shelves are wall-mounted.
  • Plate racks: Plate racks range from plastic storage units designed to speed up drying to decorative racks made to show off favourite dinner plates. These racks aren't usually made to showcase collectibles, but they are often a chic way to store everyday dishes. Some racks are adjustable, accordion-style, and can be placed in kitchen cabinets as a means of organizing dish collections.
What are plate holders made of?

Plate holders come in many materials, including:

  • Plastic: Many plate racks are made of plastic, as this allows plates to dry more quickly. Some plate stands are made of plastic as well, especially if the stand itself is not meant to be visible.
  • Metal: Many hangers are made of metal wire, like wrought iron or brass. They often feature embellishments like loops, scrolls, and Victorian flourishes. Metal plate holders range in size from individual holders to multi-plate wall mounted hangers.
  • Wood: Many hanging shelving units are made of wood. These horizontal shelves are a shabby chic solution to large plate collections. Plate racks are often made out of wood, giving users a durable place to stack dishes in between uses.
What home decor styles are plate holders available in?

Plate holders are available in every conceivable home decor styles. People who prefer contemporary styles can select unadorned metal plate holders. Plate holders with decorative loops and flourishes are great for those who prefer classic decor styles.