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Playmobil Preschool Toys

The first Playmobil toys were designed by Hans Beck in 1974 in Germany for the company geobra Brandstatter. The Playmobil toys were introduced to the public in 1975, and they soon became a household name, providing a young child aged 4 and older hours of imaginative playtime. Playmobil toys are realistic figures that come with recognizable accessories from both historical and modern time periods.

What are the themes in the Playmobil line?

The play sets in the Playmobil themes run the gamut from an urban City Zoo set to a medieval Hawks Knights' Castle and from a Take Along Horse Stable to a Deluxe Doll House. Along with the larger, more complete sets, there are additional mini-sets and accessories that complement the original sets. Any child can find something to like in this varied collection. Some of the Playmobil themes are:

  • Ghostbusters: Several sets are available that feature the characters from the remake of the \"Ghostbusters\" movie.
  • Dragons: Dragons from the television series \"Dragons,\" inspired from the movie \"How to Train Your Dragon,\" is a popular theme.
  • City life: Modern buildings like hospitals, schools, and libraries are featured in this theme.
  • NHL: Team specific and general hockey sets and characters are available in this set.
  • History: Many sets from the Egyptian and Roman eras are featured in this theme.
What advent calendars are in the Playmobil Advent series?

There are many Playmobil holiday sets released every year. Some of the sets are advent calendars that feature surprise toys for a child to open each day of the 24 days before Christmas, some of which are holiday-themed playhouses and sets. Each year, Playmobil releases several holiday advent calendars that are targeted toward boys or girls. They also produce a more traditional holiday advent calendar that features a Santa Claus. The advent calendars previously came with small individual boxes for each day for the child to open, but they changed and are designed with windows that open, revealing the toys hidden behind the window for that day.

What other sets are in the Playmobil series?

Playmobil has sets that mimic everyday life like the Mother With Twin Stroller City Life, the Motorcross Driver, and Holiday Villa. There are historical sets like the Crusader figures, ancient Greek gods, and the Romans. Some represent careers like an archaeologist at his excavation site and a police women or a police man on a motorbike.

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