Plymouth Cars and Trucks

A Well-Loved Classic: Find Many Plymouth Car Models Today

Plymouth was a popular division of Chrysler that was prominent for years, but the brand was discontinued in 2001. But you can still find many Plymouth vehicles for sale on the pre-owned market. These Plymouth models include various attractive vehicles for all your desires. You can find many sedan, coupe, and pickup vehicles from the company on the vintage market and through the listings here on eBay.

A Diverse Array of Vehicles

The car options you have to choose from when looking for Plymouth vehicles include several attractive choices. You can find classic vehicles like the Reliant sedan, the Neon compact car, the mid-sized Acclaim. Plymouth made various car choices, with diversity being a critical part of what Plymouth has to offer.

You will notice that each of these classic cars includes many features like unique contour lines on their outside parts, simplified transmission controls, and comfortable leather or fabric seating. Check around to see which classic Plymouth is right for you when finding an older car of interest.

Look for Attractive Trucks and Vans

Plymouth made many classic trucks and vans that are still on the market today. You can find some attractive Plymouth truck and van vehicles such as these:

  • PT Series: The Plymouth PT line of pickup truck models was made in the mid-twentieth century. You can find many classic designs in the PT series, including a few delivery truck models.
  • Trailduster: The Plymouth Duster truck was one of the first vehicles from Plymouth to feature a V-8 engine.
  • Voyager: The Voyager is a classic minivan that offers room for six or seven people depending on the model you choose.
Flashy Sports Cars Available

Some sports car models and hot rod vehicles are available from Plymouth on the pre-owned market:

  • Barracuda. The classic 1960s fastback features a wraparound back glass panel. You can find a few convertible models in this line.
  • Fury. An early V-8 vehicle, the two-door Plymouth Fury features a convertible option. The sporty trim adds a unique look.
  • GTX. The Plymouth GTX is a muscle car that featured a 7.0L Hemi V8 engine on select models. A four-speed manual or three-speed transmission is a feature on some models.
  • RoadRunner. Another car with a Hemi engine option, the coupe features a two-door layout with seats that can move forward in the front to provide room for five passengers.
  • Satellite. The Plymouth Satellite includes the Commando V8 engine. Wedge-shaped combustion chambers provide added power.
  • Prowler. One of Plymouths final automobile models, the Prowler is immediately recognizable by its protruding front wheels and contoured rear.

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