Pocket Watches

Pocket Watches

A pocket watch, as the name implies, is made to be carried in a pocket and is an early style of a personal watch typically worn by men with a history dating back to the 16th century.

What is the basic design of a pocket watch?

The design is a round metal case with a dial inside measuring time. The metal round case is tied by a metal chain that can be worn on the neck or used to hang the watch. However, a chain may or may not be included in the product. Despite this, there is always a ring on top of the watch for a chain to be attached.

What are the main styles of pocket watches?

There are two main types of pocket watches:

  • Open-faced watches - Known also as Lepine, this watch has a case that does not have a metal cover to protect the glass or crystal dial. A pendant at the 6:00 and the 12:00 dial are usually included.
  • Hunter-cased watches - This type of watch has a metal cover that protects the dial from scratches and dust.

Many watch covers today are made with an intricate design that reveals only a part of the display. For hunter-cased watches, there may be a design or image carved out on the metal covering.

What is the design of different pocket watches?

Pocket watches are mainly made to resemble their original version. Most of the pocket watches are thus made to be gold or silver plated or at least resemble gold or silver covering. Some pocket watches have a black metal covering. The dials on the pocket watch may be written out in numbers or in Roman numerals for a more vintage look. For 'Mysteria' pocket watches, the numbers are faded out. Jewels may also be present on the display.

What are the different types of movements of the hands?

Depending on whether the watch is mechanical or quartz watch, the movement of the hands will be different. The hands of mechanical watches move in a sweeping motion. On a quartz watch, the hands move in a tick-tick motion.

What is the difference between mechanical and quartz watches?

Mechanical watches are made by skilled craftsmen in such a way as to be able to work simply by the components working together inside. Quartz watches have a battery that sends a current through a small quartz crystal that creates the vibrations to keep the movement of the motor.