Portable Fans

Portable Fans

The mobility of portable fans can be used to cool just about any corner of the house. While some are small enough to sit on your desk, others take up your entire window. Whatever type you pick, each has their own usage and specifications.

What is a portable fan?

A portable fan is a wired or cordless fan that can be moved from place to place. These include window box, table, box, and clip-on-fans. These are useful to people who need to move from room to room often.

Where should you put a fan?

The positioning will depend on several factors, including the fan type, power requirements, and cooling capability. While some commercial fans have wheels, others can be mounted on a wall. Some portable fans are small enough to put on your desk. You'll also have to consider features such as the length of the power cord, remote control access, and noise.

What features should be considered when buying a portable fan?

Whether it's a bedroom or warehouse ventilator, there are certain basic features that youre going to want to assess:

  • Noise level: Quiet portable fans are always preferred to noisy ones for obvious reasons. Quiet fans will allow you to use them even while sleeping.
  • Air circulation: Measured in terms of the air volume moved in a given time, you ought to pay close attention to the cubic feet per minute. This unit of measurement helps differentiate between high- and low-output portable fans.
  • Remote control: Certain models come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the speed.
  • Adjustable height and angle: Being able to change the direction of the air flow will give you more options on how to use it.
  • Timer: A number of models have a timer that let you to schedule on and off times. Some fan timers work like television timers, where they shut off the device a certain period after they're turned on. You often find this feature in large tower fans, as well.
Where should you store your portable fan?

Store it in the original box or any box that fits appropriately. Whether you store it assembled or dismantled, ensure that the head is properly covered to prevent accumulation of dust on the blades.

How do you clean a portable fan?

Different portable fans have different cleaning methods, which will be outlined in their respective manuals. Generally, the rule of thumb is to clean the parts regularly to maintain performance. While the ventilator is unplugged, you can use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to remove lint and dirt. You can also disassemble the fan and wash the blades and grille with mild soap and water.