Portable AM/FM Radios

A portable radio will allow you to listen to a variety of radio stations. A portable AM/FM radio can ensure you always have access to music, the news, weather reports, and much more.

What is a portable AM/FM radio?

A portable AM/FM radio will allow you to take the radio anywhere you want to go. It will allow you to listen to AM and FM stations at any time. You will be able to get a signal virtually anywhere without depending on an app or power from your phone. There might be a charge cord available, or the radio might run on batteries only. The size of the unit varies by model.

What types of portable radios are available?

You will find that there are many portable radios available. This will allow you to choose a radio with a good speaker and a strong enough signal for where you will be listening.

  • Clock radio: A radio is paired with a clock to know the time and to set an alarm.
  • Emergency: Emergency radios might offer a hand crank to power them. Sometimes, they also have a flashlight.
  • Headset: Headsets can have a radio built into the headphones.
  • Sport: Sport models are rugged and might also be waterproof.
  • Pocket: The radio is small enough to fit in your pocket and can transmit to Bluetooth headphones.
  • Built-in Speaker: Some radios also include a built-in stereo speaker. This is useful when you don't have a pair of headphones with you.
What signal types are available?

The way that you get a signal is by using the antenna. Many radios have an antenna that you can extend and adjust to fine-tune the signal. You can also change radio stations by using the tuner.

  • AM/FM: Just extend the antenna, switch on the device, and find the station you want to listen to.
  • Digital: You might be able to get a digital signal if the radio connects to Wi-Fi.

Some models are more rugged and have signal boosters built in. These can help you access stations you wouldn't be able to due to interference or distance.

What are some features in an AM/FM radio?

A portable radio is designed to go where you go. A portable model can have many features for you to tap into. Some of these include:

  • AC-operated: You will be able to plug the device into an outlet.
  • Alarm: Set an alarm to help you wake up in the morning. This is especially useful on camping or road trips.
  • Hand crank: The hand crank acts as a way to generate electricity in an emergency.
  • Solar energy: Some radios will use the sun for energy, potentially eliminating the need for batteries or power outlets.