Portable Satellite Radios

Portable Satellite Radios

Set yourself free from the restrictions of AM and FM radio with a portable satellite radio receiver. Transportable digital radios come in various designs, sizes, and with diverse features. Whether you need a model for your car, home, or on the go, a digital satellite radio can meet your needs.

What features should you look for in receiving units?

Compact satellite transceivers come replete with useful features and functions. You can find any mix of the following design elements in many tuners, including:

  • Adequate display dimensions: Your transportable satellite radio receiver gives you plenty of data about stations, artists, and more. To get more out of your receiving unit, you could choose models that have relatively bigger screens, multiple display lines, and multi-colour readouts.
  • Remote controls: If you plan to use your digital satellite radio from a home dock, you will appreciate the convenience of a remote control.
  • FM transmission capabilities: You can use many transportable receivers in your car, truck, or SUV. One easy way to get a clear transmission from your receiving unit to your vehicles audio system is to send it over an FM signal. Compact digital radios that transmit FM signals over multiple bands allow you to get things up and running fast.
  • Adequate internal memory: These satellite radios are digital, and they store data just like any computer does. In addition to letting you listen to live content, most models allow you to save your favourite SiriusXM shows or music for later use. Depending on the model, you can save over 50 hours of audio data. You may also want to look for designs that let you save your personal WMA and MP3 files.
What are transportable docks?

Dock-and-play tuners are transportable docks that tend to be smaller in size. This makes them transportable, but also requires you to provide docking equipment for use in your home or your vehicle. Docking cradles provide these connections, giving you a single connection point for power, antennas, data, and more. Depending on your needs, you could plan for a receiving unit capable of performing all of these functions.

Which satellite radios come with wearable antennas?

Some models that are designed for use while you walk, work out, or otherwise operate on foot include body-mountable antennas. In addition to putting these satellite radios on your person, you can also place these on backpacks, hats, or other common vantage points. Wherever you put them, under the right conditions, these tools can give you clear, strong, SiriusXM signals.