Power Adapters/Chargers for Apple MacBook

Choosing an Adapter for the Apple MacBook

Apple MacBooks require specific adapters to power your device and recharge the battery. On eBay, you will find the right adapter for your model of MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air notebook.

Which power adapter should you use with the Apple MacBook?

Before you choose an adapter for your MacBook, you should know the power rating. This ranking refers to the number of amps that will charge the device safely. While itu001as possible to use an 87-watt adapter to charge a 60-watt notebook, a lower wattage will not provide enough power to a higher-wattage device. Look for MagSafe and USB-C adapters, including:

  • 29W: Compatible with 12-inch MacBooks from 2015-2017
  • 30W: Suitable for 12-inch MacBooks introduced in 2018
  • 45W: This adapter is safe for use with MacBook Air models
  • 60W: Available for MacBook devices released prior to 2011 as well as 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros from 2009
  • 85W and 87W: The 85W USB-C adapter is compatible with MacBook Pro 15-inch and 17-inch devices released before 2016. The 87W USB-C adapter works with MacBook Pro 15-inch models released after 2016.
How can you tell if youu001are using the correct adapter?

You can verify the adapter by searching the owneru001as manual or checking the serial numbers on the cable. You can tell which version you can use with your MacBook by looking at the first three characters on genuine Mac adapters that have the phrase, "Designed by Apple." The letters and numbers indicate the following:

  • C4M and FL4 Mac chargers are designed for use with Apple 29W and 30W USB-C adapters.
  • Serial numbers that begin with the letters DLC or CTS are for use with 61W and 87W adapters.
What is a MagSafe adapter?

Designed with safety in mind, MagSafe adapters connect to notebooks with a magnet. If someone trips over the cord while it is plugged into your MacBook, the head detaches from the device without bringing it along. Before purchasing a MagSafe adapter, make sure your device has a dedicated charging port to insert the cable. Models created after 2016 do not come with ports for this type of adapter.

What types of Mac chargers are available on eBay?

On eBay, youu001all find new and pre-owned chargers for use at home, in a car, or on an airplane.

  • Airplane: This adapter connects to your in-seat power port, so you can work on documents or watch movies above 35,000 feet.
  • Car: With a car charger, you can plug your device into your vehicleu001as cigarette lighter to charge your device on your way to a meeting.
  • Home/Office: AC standard and AC/DC adapters allow you to plug your device into a wall outlet to get charged.
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