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Honda Civic Power Steering Pumps and Parts

A power steering pump works in conjunction with other parts to ensure you can turn your wheels on your Honda Civic with ease. Without it, you would have a very hard time trying to turn the wheels on your Honda unless you are actually moving at a certain speed. With a wide selection of Honda Civic power steering pumps and parts, you can find the right replacements for your specific model year of car.

How does the power steering pump work?

The power steering system relies on hydraulics to turn the steering wheels on your Honda. Fluid is used to force the pistons to push the steering assembly to the left or right. The pump provides the pressure the system needs to move the pistons.

What parts are used to make a power steering pump?

The power steering pump is made up of many different parts, including:

  • Reservoir: A reservoir is needed to hold the liquid material the pump needs to work the steering system.
  • Pulley: This part is located at the head of the pump, and the long serpentine belt connected to other engine parts wraps around it. When the Honda’s engine starts, the serpentine belt rotates the pulley to make the pump work.
  • Drive shaft: The pulley slides onto this part, and they are bolted together. A ball bearing unit connects to one end of the unit with a snap ring. The ball bearing reduces friction build-up when the unit turns. On the other end of the part is a pump seal to prevent leaks when the shaft is placed into the pump’s housing.
  • Rotor, vanes, and cam ring: Inside the housing is a rotor. Vanes are placed in slots around the rotor and extend to the cam ring wall. The cam ring covers the rotor and vanes, and it has front and back plates to hold everything together. When the rotor spins, the vanes collect fluid from the intake valve and force it into the outlet valve to create pressure in the steering assembly.
  • Cover: The far end on the pump has a solid metal cover to enclose all the parts.
What types of parts are there?

You can get original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, and aftermarket power steering pumps and the related parts you need to fix or replace your power steering pump. There are O-rings and seals placed between various parts. If you need to replace the seals, you can get all the ones you need for your Honda in a single package.