Power Steering Pumps & Parts for Nissan Maxima

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Nissan Maxima Power Steering Pumps Parts

The power steering pump is designed to pressurize and circulate hydraulic fluid throughout the power steering system to help make turning the wheel easier. You can typically replace it with a genuine OEM Nissan or aftermarket branded product. Brands offering these parts include WD Express, Hayden, Gates, Four Seasons, Edleman, Cardone Industries and ACDelco Professional.

How do the Nissan power steering pumps work?

These power steering systems rely on a pump to pressurize the hydraulic matter used to steer the vehicle. Once the hydraulic matter is pressurized by the pump, hoses transmit the pressure to steering gear so it can assist the motorist in turning the wheels of the vehicle. Another hose returns the fluid thats already been used so it can be pressurized again. The process with the hoses is continuous so that the pressurized fluid is available anytime the engine is on.

What are signs that the power steering pump is bad?

One of the clearest signs is when you find the power steering liquid leaking below the Nissan Maxima. When the liquid is running low, this hydraulic system might fail intermittently or all together. A screeching noise may also be an indication that the system is beginning to fail. You can still drive with a leaking or weeping system, but if it gets too low, you could damage the pump, the steering assist, or the gear used to steer the Nissan Maxima.

These power systems are typically designed to last longer than 100,000 miles before leaks or mechanical failures begin to occur. Regular maintenance checks and tune-ups should be enough to keep the system running optimally. Like any pressure system, it will eventually be affected by wear and attrition, but that usually doesnt occur until well into the lifespan of the Maxima.

Whats involved with replacing this system in the Maxima?

When you do replace this power system, its wise to check on replacing the power steering hoses as well. Before replacing the system, all of the liquids should be fully bled first. The serpentine belt needs to be taken off the pulley, the hoses of the system need to be detached, and the pump should be unbolted. After replacing all of these components in the Maxima and filling the steering lines with power steering fluid, air should be bled from the system and you should check to make sure its functioning properly.