Power Tool Combination Sets

A power tool combination set enables you to operate your tools using a single energy source or battery. Sometimes, these combination sets come with a storage bag that will fit the tools and battery. When you have a job around the house that requires multiple tools, a combo kit makes sense.

What are the various types of power tool combination sets?

Power tool combo kits are available in six major varieties, from 2-piece to 7-piece combo kits. Thus, there are several options when it comes to choosing the right tool for your needs. Some manufacturers can combine slightly different bundles of energy equipment, but a common tool is usually the driver or drill.

  • 2-piece combination tools: These are comprised of an impact driver and a cordless drill that can handle multiple jobs for you. Sometimes, they can also include a type of a saw, usually a circular one.
  • 3-piece combination tools: These can include a jigsaw, a sander, and a drill aimed mainly at the woodwork industry. You can also find different formats that combine other types of power tools.
  • 4-piece combination tools: These usually include a driver or drill, a kind of flashlight, and a couple of saws like a circular and recap.
  • 5-piece combination tools: These might include an impact driver, a drill, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, and a form of flashlight.
  • 6-piece combination tools: These products are high quality and have almost everything you will expect from a kit, making them more suitable for busy users and professionals.
  • 7-piece combination tools: These combine more tools than the 6-piece power tools. Coming with some contractor bags for storage, these combo kits can include a circular and reciprocating saw, a hammer, jigsaw, cut-off tool, impact driver, floodlight, cut-out tool, and impact wretch.
What are the advantages of combination tool sets?

There are several benefits that come with a complete combination tool set:

  • Versatility: Choose a portable tool set for your USB-driven device. You can use the set anywhere, including at the beach, garage, or on the road.
  • Instant storage: This is one of the major reasons for buying the tool sets as it helps you avoid procrastination of your work for lack of a certain tool. A tool set usually includes a custom storage bag.
  • Simplify heavy duty projects: A combo kit that has multiple power tools is good when tackling heavy duty projects like repairing drywall, fences, or building shelves.
  • Light-duty applications: For a less involving project, you may not require every power tool that comes with a combo kit. However, you will benefit from the variety of complementary hand tools and accessories that enable you to get the job done seamlessly.

Combination sets can offer great value when you want a big tool set, and you do not want to spend money and time building a set piece by piece. Additionally, it is always important to stick with the same battery platform when you need several cordless power tools. When choosing, consider the accessories, tools, and the required energy for more convenience and efficiency.