Powerboats & Motorboats

Powerboats and Motorboats Provide a Multitude of Boating Activities

Powerboats can be quite fun on the water, especially when shared with family and friends. Whether the intent is to fish, ski, wakeboard, or just cruise around the water, there is a powerboat suited for that particular activity on eBay.

What is the difference between powerboats and motorboats?

A powerboat, motorboat and speedboat are different terms for the same type of boat. A powerboat uses an engine or motor for propulsion. The powerboat can have an inboard engine, or it can have an outboard motor which contains the engine, the gearbox and the propeller in one unit. An inboard motor has two possible configurations, a V-drive and direct drive. A V-drive is better for wakeboarding, and a direct-drive is better for skiing.

What types of powerboats are there?

There are many types of powerboats for any type of water activity. Some of the more common types of powerboats are:

  • Ski and wakeboard boat - These boats are specifically used for water sports.
  • Bass boat - A bass boat is typically 14-23 feet long and used for freshwater fishing.
  • Cruiser - Cruisers range from 21-45 feet long and usually have a cabin with several berths and a small head.
  • Convertible fishing boat - These 35-foot or greater boats are used for pleasure boating and offshore fishing for small groups. They have large cabins with berths, galleys, a head, and a flybridge.
  • Jon boat - A Jon boat is lightweight, small, and useful for fishing on small lakes and ponds. They are often powered by a small trolling motor.
  • Power catamaran - These boats are dual-hulled, 25-40 feet long, and are used for offshore fishing.
  • Runabout - A runabout is a medium-sized boat that is 14-24 feet long. They usually have an outboard motor and are multi-purpose boats.
  • Pontoon - Pontoon boats have aluminum tubes underneath for support on the water. They are flat with shallow drafts and are stable. They are mostly used for pleasure boating but can also be used for water sports and fishing.

Can a powerboat use a sail?

A powerboat can use a sail either on its own or in conjunction with an engine. When the sail is used with an engine, it is called motor-sailing. Remember that, once the engine is turned on, other sailboats have the right of way even if you have a sail up.

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