Pro Audio Equipment

Pro Audio Equipment

Pro audio equipment provides you with equipment that will allow you to perform any type of music in any situation, whether playing in a studio or live to an audience. There are many different types of audio equipment for you to select from, including microphones, speakers, amplifiers, and DJ headphones. This equipment was made in a wide array of different brands, ranging from Sennheiser and Behringer to JBL and Yamaha.

What different types of audio equipment are available?

When you are searching for the right audio equipment, there are many types of pro audio equipment that you can select from to fit any situation. For instance, numerous speakers and monitors are available to be used around the stage when playing, while both wired and wireless microphones can also be found. If you work as a DJ, some of the typical equipment that is designed includes DJ headphones, mixers, controllers, and equipment packages, allowing you to select the item or package that meets your needs. Some of the additional equipment you can find are both live and studio mixers, amplifiers that include preamps, cables, snakes, interconnects, and audio and MDI interfaces.

What features do studio mixers have?

When you are selecting a digital or analog mixer, there are a large number of features that come with these devices. On most of these systems, you will be provided with such features as phantom-power functionality, built-in effects, a built-in power amplifier, fader-type control, and Bluetooth function. Many of these systems are also fully compatible with both PC and Mac computers, allowing you to hook it up to the device that you prefer. The vast majority of models come equipped with a 3-band equalizer, although additional options exist on some models for 2-band equalizers, 4-band equalizers, and 7-band equalizers. Some of the additional features available to you include the ability to mount the audio system on a rack, wireless functionality, a graphic equalizer, compatibility with MP3 devices and CD players, and a high-pass filter function.

What is a ribbon microphone?

This type of microphone is unique in that it uses a thin duraluminum, aluminum, or nanofilm ribbon that is electrically conductive. This ribbon is placed between the poles of a magnet in order to produce a voltage that allows sound to emanate from the device. These systems are bidirectional, which means that they can effectively pick up sounds from both sides of the microphone. Aside from the way in which this type of microphone works, it produces a similar sound to all other microphone types.

What is a distribution amplifier?

When you are getting ready to select an amplifier, one type that will be available to you is a distribution model, which makes use of a video signal as its input before amplifying the video and outputting the video signal to at least two additional devices. This type of equipment is mainly used to supply one video signal to a variety of other video devices, which can be used for numerous applications.