Pro Audio Speakers & Monitors

Pro audio speakers and monitors provide musicians and speakers with the ability to ensure that the sounds they produce are captured by the entire room. These systems and monitors are made by a large number of different brands, including Behringer, JBL, and Yamaha. They are also outfitted with many features, from full-range configuration to the inclusion of a built-in wireless receiver.

What are the different types of speakers and monitors?

There are many different types of speakers and monitors to select from, each of which operates in a slightly different way. These systems can be used for variety of applications, from playing concerts to hosting a business event.

  • PA speaker: This type of model refers to a public address system that is used moreso for making speeches than playing music as it focuses on amplifying sound and voices as opposed to music, although these devices are still regularly used for music.
  • Stage monitor: Stage monitors point towards the performers instead of the crowd so that they can hear themselves speak or sing, which helps them to stay on script or continue to play their music correctly. These devices are equipped with both power amplifiers and equalizers.
  • Line array speaker: This is a type of loudspeaker that produces sound in an almost straight line, producing a narrow output of sound. They can be placed vertically to provide audio to almost an entire audience or in a row horizontally to reach many different areas of the venue. When used in larger concert venues, they are rigged or suspended from a structural beam.
  • In-ear monitor: These are devices that allow musicians or audio engineers to listen to music or vocals during a live performance or mixing in a recording studio. They provide high amounts of noise reduction once placed into the ear, which can be beneficial when playing in front of a noisy crowd.
  • Studio monitors: These are loudspeakers that are meant mostly for professional audio production in filmmaking, recording studios, or television studios as they provide very accurate audio reproduction.
What are some features of these pro audio systems?

These systems are typically outfitted with a large number of features that are meant to assist in producing crisp sounds. One feature that is found in most models is that of 2-way configuration, which indicates the number of separate speakers in a monitor. Some of these devices are also outfitted with 3-way configuration. Many include built-in amplifiers while a large variety comes with wireless functionality and are small enough to be considered portable. Additional features that are available on a selection of these units include a built-in stereo crossover, input gain control, microphone input, and a USB interface.

What does it mean for a speaker to be passive?

If you are considering a passive speaker, keep in mind that this type of device is one that does not have a built-in amplifier and needs a wired connection with one in order for audio to emit from it. Once plugged in, the signal will be amplified enough to drive the speakers. Most of these audio speakers would classify as passive.