Promo Model & Kits

Promo models and kits contain pieces for an automobile building project. AMT, Jo-Han, and many other brands offer these kits. Many products have replica elements, and the hardware has specs that match different American cars.

What are the vehicle product options?

Cadillac cars are designed with classic hardware. Most of the units with Cadillac accessories have components that highlight designs throughout the 1960s.

Ford vehicle options also have designs that reflect components that were used to build cars in the 1960s. These cars pieces are built with interior components that have a lot of detail. Typical interior elements include plastic seats and a thin steering wheel.

Products with a 1970s theme are also practical options. You'll find pieces by Plymouth and other automobile brands that are built with 1970s paints, wheels, and frames.

What are the material options for different vehicles?

Plastic is the main material that is used to make the frame that supports foundation hardware. Depending on the car, the plastic exterior housing may or may not be painted. The plastic on a typical car has great detail, so there will be thin lines that divide various portions of a frame and unique etches near fenders.

Along the front of a classic car, most exterior frames are designed with shiny chrome pieces. The chrome typically runs along the grill and around the headlights. Some car pieces will also have wheels that have chrome elements.

What are the vehicle design options?

Sporty cars are designed with a traditional frame and two doors. Chevy Convertibles and Dodge Chargers are some of the sports car options that are designed with racing replica pieces with sporty wheels.

Vehicles that are made with four doors and a classic frame have replica elements that match products by Ford and other brands. These vehicles have classic designs that blend with the interior plastics that are placed in the cabin.

What are the packaging and scale options?

If you only need pieces for a classic vehicle or sporty car, a kit is worth considering. Kits include everything that you will need to begin the design process, and the pieces in a typical kit mount in place. The main vehicle frame is built as one large slab; this component mounts on the tires that are included in a general kit.

Because different cars are designed with unique measurements, the overall size of a product will vary. However, most cars and trucks have an average scale of 1:24.