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Insight for Hydroponic Seed Starting

Hydroponic seed starting is the first necessary step to starting a hydroponic garden. Interested in getting started? Read on to learn more about hydroponic seed starting and what goes into it.

What do you need for hydroponic seed starting?

When starting a hydroponic system, there are several approaches that can be taken. The main two are purchasing a propagation kit and starting from scratch. A hydroponic propagation kit has everything needed to get started right away except for the water. This is the easiest setup and quickest way to get going with hydroponics. Alternatively, you can purchase the necessary equipment separately and put it all together yourself. The necessary materials needed for hydroponic seed starting are:

  • Seeds - These are the physical seeds of the plants you want to grow.
  • Growth medium - This is the material that your seeds will actually grow in; it’s often a peat pot.
  • Cloning/rooting compound - This is a material that houses the nutrients for your growing seeds to be able to root well.
  • Light source - This provides light for your seeds to root and grow well.
  • Seedling tray - This is where the seedlings will actually sit once they are in their growth medium and while you wait on their roots.
Are there other necessary steps in hydroponic gardening?

When hydroponic gardening, there are other steps required to ensure proper growth and flourishing plants. A cloning machine is a great way to make sure your hydroponic seed starting is going well. This typically encompasses the remainder of the equipment you need to ensure proper growth and propagation. A cloning machine typically has a tray that sometimes this comes with a cover for humidity control. A water pump ensures proper circulation of the water so that all the seedlings get the proper nutrients.

In addition to this equipment, once your plants have started, you can add a light source on a timer. This ensures that your plants get the optimal amount of light daily so that they maximize their growth.

What are advantages to hydroponics?

The advantages of hydroponics are that it reduces water use by 90%, saves space, and can be done all year since you control the environment. Whether you're starting with your own peat pot for your hydroponic seed starting or you buy a propagation kit to take the guesswork out of it, hydroponics is a great way to grow your own plants and vegetables.

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