Putter Golf Clubs

Putter Golf Clubs

Golfers who putt well are more likely to win, according to conventional golf wisdom. Putters are the most used clubs in your golf bag, the clubs you reach for when its time to sink balls into holes. Ideally, you should have a variety of clubs in your golf bag, and a precursory review of common questions helps to narrow down your choices.

Should you get face balanced or toe balanced?

It depends on your stroke. Face balanced models are inclined to open less during the backswing and close less during the follow-through. Consequently, face balanced models are a good choice if you have a straight stroke. Toe balanced models tend to open and close throughout, so these are better suited to you if your stroke has an arch. The right club for your stroke can positively affect your game.

Is there an advantage to the different types of putter heads? 

Heads boil down to personal preference and putting style among golfers. The two main head types are mallets and blades. As a general rule, mallet heads with sight lines may benefit you if you gravitate toward a square style with a face balanced putter. On the other hand, a blade with no sight line may suit you advantageously if you putt with an arc.

Whats the right golf putter length for you? 

The length of your golf putter should complement your correct address position. Correct address position for golfers means your hips are tilted, your eyes are over the ball, your hands are under your shoulders, your bent elbows are touching your rib cage, and your hips are over your heels. In this position the putter of ideal length for you should be directly in line with your forearms. A good way to gauge the right length is to grip golf putters of varying lengths while assuming correct address position.

Whats the big deal with the Odyssey White Hot? 

White Hot refers to a series of blade and mallet models by the golf equipment brand Odyssey. Noted for soft feel and good roll, Odyssey White Hot models are used widely on the PGA Tour. Other models that pros reach for include Scotty Cameron and TaylorMade:

  • Scotty Cameron: Also favored on the PGA Tour, Scotty Cameron putters have soft trailing edges that lessen tension during putting.
  • TaylorMade: PGA champs love TaylorMade golf putters for their multi-material heads that promote enhanced stability.

Should you use steel or graphite shafts?

Once upon a time in golf, steel provided optimal swing weight, a factor that graphite adversely affected if you substituted a steel shaft with a graphite model and used it with the same head. Luckily, the quality of graphite models, which are inherently lightweight, has greatly improved over the years. Experts now recommend graphite models if you are:

  • An average player who wants to improve or a young player with a good swing and good tempo
  • Someone who wants to play a longer driver
  • Someone with joint problems
  • A baby boomer or a senior
  • A woman