How to Choose 5.1 Home Theater Systems

One way to skip the movie theater is by bringing cinema-quality audio directly to your living room. RCA home theater systems contain a blend of components that complement each other to bring every movie and TV show you watch to life with realistic, detailed, and dimensional sound. These systems install quickly and are compatible with multiple formats to let you enjoy your entire collection of media on one system.

What Are Some Features of Home Theater Systems?

You may want to select a system based solely on features. Each sound system offers a variety of features that may work well for your individual needs based on where you'll put the system and based on the types of media you wish to enjoy.

  • Some models offer up to 1,000 watts of power, meaning every sound is amplified, giving you a system that will make you feel like you're practically inside your favourite movies.€
  • Wi-Fi compatibility means that you can sync your system wirelessly via Bluetooth. This allows you to connect your sound system to any of your devices whether they are Android or Apple and stream content from phones, computers, or tablets to give you more media options.
  • A digital tuner gives you the chance to listen to AM and FM stations€and set your favourite stations with custom presets.

Which Discs Can You Play on These Systems?

One of the most important features€when you're looking for a system that plays digital audio€is the types of media it can play. Since you already likely have a collection of physical media, you'll want to ensure the system is compatible with your existing products.

  • Some people haven't switched over to Blu-ray yet, but most systems have a built-in Blu-ray player.€
  • Don't throw your DVD collection away just yet because you can select a home theater that plays DVDs and even supports DVD-R discs as well.€
  • Many systems allow you to listen to your CDs and may even support multiple audio formats like CD-R.

Which Components Do You Get with a Home Theater?

A 5.1 channel RCA system comes with several crucial pieces of equipment that comprise the entire entertainment system.€

  • The receiver is the base of the system and is where you'll find your HDMI ports and inputs in order to use cables to connect any other peripherals you desire. This also typically houses your tuner and DVD/Blu-ray player.€
  • The system comes with satellite speakers that you can place around the room to surround your space in sound, creating a more immersive experience.€
  • You'll get a subwoofer, which helps to amplify low frequencies and bass tones. Each speaker in the system works to create layers of sounds to produce precise audio.€

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