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Your Guide to Furnaces for RVs, Trailers, and Campers

Providing a steady flow of warm air for chilly nights on the road, furnaces are crucial components of an RV, camper, or trailer. Whether you're looking for an affordable ductless furnace for heating vehicles and pop-ups or a smaller portable heater for where there's no space for something permanent, eBay has a wide selection of heating options. You can select furnaces, portable heaters, and many of the parts and supplies you need to keep warm while traveling.

What types of RV furnaces, heaters, and parts are available?

You can find many RV furnaces, heaters, and interior parts for both to meet your warming needs while on the road. If you need a full furnace unit, you'll find a number of those to install in your RV. They may have side or bottom duct options or not be ducted. If you need a portable unit, you'll find a generous selection of those as well. And if you need parts to repair or enhance either, you'll find a large number of items, including these:

  • Access doors
  • Burner heads
  • Control boards
  • Electrode assemblies and kits
  • Switches
  • Motors and blower motors
  • PC board kits
  • Thermostats
What's the right heating unit for your RV?

When deciding on a way to heat your RV or camper, there are many factors to consider. First, factor in how much space you need to heat. The ideal unit will ensure you have vents for proper air flow so you can avoid overheating. Next, decide if you want a propane heater or an electric RV furnace. There are options ranging from those that are environment-friendly to those that are oil-filled. You'll also want to consider the features each unit offers to suit your individual needs and tastes.

What types of RV furnaces and units are available?

One of the most common types are convection hearts. They work by warming the circulating air in the immediate area. Using fans to aid in circulation, they warm living spaces quickly and are often electric coil and ceramic units.

Radiant heaters offer a different approach as they warm a living space by targeting objects, occupants, and the floor first. These RV furnaces are usually fueled with oil or propane. They don't heat as quickly, but their warmth lasts longer.