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Protect Your Raspberry Pi with Style in An Attractive Raspberry Pi Computer Case

Numerous cases and enclosures are available to protect the small circuit board that makes up the Raspberry Pi. Give your Pi a futuristic look or a retro gaming machine feel with an affordable Raspberry Pi case from eBay.

Can Raspberry Pi 3 use a Raspberry Pi 2 case?

Yes, it is possible to use a Raspberry Pi 2 case on the later model. Buying an earlier model case on eBay can save you some money. These two circuit board computers have similar dimensions. However, there are a few minor differences that can affect your decision to purchase the best Raspberry Pi case. Consider the following:

  • Wi-Fi card: Raspberry Pi 3 models have a Wi-Fi card next to the area used to clamp down the case. If the Raspberry Pi 2 case produces too much tension or rubs against the card, it could cause damage.
  • LED placement: LED placement on the Raspberry Pi 3 is on the opposite side; some Raspberry Pi 2 cases may block the lights.
  • Temperature: The Raspberry Pi 3 runs hotter than its predecessor, thus newer Raspberry Pi cases may provide more efficient cooling.
  • Openings: Raspberry Pi 3 cases have deeper openings for the Micro SD card to accommodate for the lack of a spring loaded slot.
Which Raspberry Pi case helps with cooling?

There are many Raspberry Pi cases designed to keep the circuit board cool and help prevent overheating. These fall into two general categories: Raspberry Pi cases with a fan and passive cooling models. Cases with a fan can keep your Pi cool by actively drawing heat away. Passive models use heat sinks to distribute excessive heat until it dissipates. You can find a modern, low-priced Raspberry Pi case with cooling features on eBay.

Which Raspberry Pi cases can be used for a retro game console?

If you choose to use your Pi for nostalgic gaming, eBay offers many Raspberry Pi cases. The typical NES case makes gaming easier by providing you with a directional joystick pad and several action buttons. Many of these models also come as a Raspberry Pi case with a screen. These pre-fabricated units make it a cinch to plug in your Pi and start playing games as soon as possible. Some of the Raspberry Pi NES cases support external controllers to make gaming as authentic as possible. The NES case style also adds a classic look to your media cabinet that is sure to be a topic of conversation.

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