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Smooth Cruising with Rear Bumpers & Replacement Parts for Silverado 1500

If youre on the hunt for a solution that will keep the rear of your Chevy Silverado truck safe without skimping on style, then the options in this variety available on eBay might be right for you. Check out these answers to common customer questions to get an idea of what to look out for your right fit as you make a decision.

Which materials are used to make these Chevy replacement bumpers?

As you peruse through the options for your Chevy Silverado that have been assembled in this eBay category, youll find that there are quite a few different rear bumper models available to fit your truck. However, all of the Silverado truck parts among these listings are made from one of the following two materials:

  • Black matte steel: This type of steel for your Silverado vehicle is highly durable, but it looks almost like plastic at first glance. Thats because black matte steel has a relatively flat appearance, and it can be painted in a variety of different colors.
  • Chrome steel: This material has been used on Chevy trucks for decades. It shines brightly in the sun, and it consists of a thin layer of pure chromium thats been attached to a hard underbelly of solid steel.
Are there any accessories that fit with these bumpers?

Yes, there are a number optional components for these Silverado truck bumpers. Some examples of these vehicle accessories may include:

  • License plate holders: These parts hold your rear license plate in place as you cruise down the highway or crawl your way through gullies and ditches. They can be paired with your favorite license plate frame for a complete look.
  • License plate lights: These lights illuminate your trucks license plate to make it easier to see at night. If necessary, you can replace the bulbs in these lights or the entire lenses.
  • Mounting kits: These parts become necessary if you plan to install your bumper on your vehicle yourself. These kits come with everything you need to attach your bumper to the rear section of your car.
How do you pick the right bumper?

First, figure out which components are compatible with your truck, and then select bumpers and accessories that you find to be the most aesthetically pleasing.

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