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Salvage Parts for Cars and Diesel Trucks

When a diesel or other car is wrecked, an insurance adjuster determines if it is worth repairing or if the vehicle should be totaled out. If a car is totaled out, it is usually because the repairs are close to or more than the value of the vehicle. If the owner no longer wants a totaled car, it can have its usable parts stripped and sold as affordable replacement parts; you can find many of these parts on eBay.

Are salvage parts for diesel Jeeps available?

Yes, salvage parts are available for many Jeep models including the Wrangler. Common used parts available for the Jeep include:

  • Transmission assembly
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Suspension compressor
  • Engine computer/Control units
  • Brake master cylinder
Are all bumpers made the same?

Front and rear bumpers are often salvaged from unwanted or wrecked cars and autos. Whether a truck has a diesel engine or not doesnt affect bumpers, but the location and type of bumper do matter. Different front and rear bumper types available include:

  • Front and rear bumper assembly
  • Bar rear bumpers and front
  • Front and rear bumper covers
  • Front and rear bumper shocks
Whats the difference between used, rebuilt, and refurbished parts?

When shopping for salvage parts online, there are several different descriptive words to explain the type of parts available. Most parts fall under one of three descriptive categories. A used salvage part is usually stripped directly from a vehicle and sold as is.

A rebuilt salvage part was stripped from a junk auto and then built to its original specifications. In this situation, only the bad components of a part will be replaced. If other parts are near perfect, it will be left the way it is.

A refurbished part is usually completely redone. After being cleaned and inspected, it is usually sold in like-new condition, but still less than a brand new part. Its important to compare replacement parts and accessories when shopping for salvage parts.

Is it possible to find diesel accessories used?

Yes, it is possible to buy salvage diesel truck accessories online. Rear view mirrors, tailgate covers, and much more can be found online in a variety of conditions.