Religious Bible Covers & Accessories

Religious Bible Covers and Accessories

You appreciate the contents of your copy of the Bible, whether it is a family heirloom or a brand new edition. As such, you wish to protect it for years to come. Selecting a handsome and sturdy Bible cover will allow you to enjoy your book while keeping it in pristine condition, whether at home or on the go.

How will a cover protect your Bible?

Whether paperback, hardbound, vinyl, or leather bound, books of all kinds show their age with continued use. Placing your Bible or other similarly sized book in a protective Bible cover will reduce wear and tear on the Bible's cover and page edges - or cover the ravages of existing wear. Most Bible covers are water resistant, protecting the enclosed from drops, spills, and weather, such as rain or snow. Leather Bible covers are especially sturdy, and come in attractive colours such as brown, black, lavender, and more.

How do you identify the proper size of Bible cover?

First, measure the book for which you'd like to use the Bible cover. You should record three dimensions - the height, width, and depth.

Next, determine the dimensions of the Bible cover. Cover dimensions may be listed in two ways. Some may read, "Fits books measuring..." followed by dimensions or a range of sizes. In this case, match the given dimensions to those of your Bible. Others may list the outside measurements of the case itself. In this case, choose a Bible cover that is slightly larger than the dimensions of your Bible.

How do you clean and care for a leather Bible cover?

In most cases, wiping your leather Bible cover with a soft dry or damp cloth with be sufficient to remove fingerprints, dust, or other soils.

For tougher cleaning jobs, select a cleaning product recommended for the cover's material. For leather Bible covers select a gentle leather soap (also called saddle soap) or dusting agent approved for use on leather. For cloth covers, use a mild soap or upholstery stain remover.

Any time you use a new cleaning product on your leather Bible cover, first test it for colourfastness in a small, inconspicuous area.

What other Bible accessories are available?

A number of other items are available to aid in your Bible study.

  • Bible indexing tabs - self-adhesive tabs labeled with the names of the books of the Bible. Apply the tabs to the corresponding pages in your Bible to easily find cited scriptures. Bible tabs come in a number of colours, including white, clear, rainbow, silver, and gold.
  • Bible safe gel highlighters - many Bibles have thin pages which allow ink from ordinary pens, markers, or highlighters to bleed through to the following page. Bible safe pens are guaranteed not to bleed. They are also smear-resistant to help keep your study notes pristine.
  • Literature organizer - many Bible students benefit from using study aids or other literature alongside their Holy Scriptures. Literature organizers keep additional printed information organized and prevent unsightly tears and tatters.