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Remington Vintage Hunting Signs

Remington, a brand trusted with providing optimal hunting gear, has been around for 200 years. Since then, there have been many promotional materials that have been distributed all throughout the states and the rest of the world. These vintage signs are not just a marketing or advertising tactic these days. They are also commemorative signs that are highly valued and cared for.

What Vintage Remington Sign Designs Are Available?

Remington has always been a classic marketer. Their advertisements always feature one of their products, their logo, or a symbol of their brand. You may see signs that are hand-painted with firearms such as guns, rifles, pistols, shotguns, or other Remington firearms of different calibers. Here are some examples of their gun ads:

  • Remington Finders Keepers Labrador Puppies and Guns Tin Metal Sign
  • Remington UMC Shotgun Dog Advertising Sign
  • UMC Remington Nitro Club Duck Hunting Sign
  • Remington Arms Co. UMC 1912 Reproduction Poster
  • Early Style Remington Firearms Dealer Ad
  • Vintage Original 1960's Remington Arms Company 150th Anniversary Prints
  • Antique Remington UMC Sporting Arm Sign

What Are the Themes of Vintage Remington Advertising Signs?

Since Remington was a specialist in hunting gear when they first started selling arms, you will always find at least one of their products on their advertising materials. However, they also design them with the customer in mind. Here are the themes that made Remington's ads:

  • Bears and Guns
  • Shot-shells and Cartridges
  • Ammunition
  • Women with Firearms
  • Hunting Dogs and Firearms
  • Wild Game like ducks, foxes, rabbits, and other animals

How Should You Take Care of Your Vintage Remington Memorabilia?

As with different types of antiques, it all depends on the material used to make the€photo or ad. Metal and tin signs were common back in the day and there are paper and poster reproductions of the vintage signs available as well. Here are some tips on how you can keep your Remington posters, ads, and memorabilia intact:

  • For metal signs and ads, you should use metal cleaners that don't affect decades-old paint.
  • For vintage paper ads, you should keep it in an airtight glass case or frame so that heat, humidity, cold, and moisture won't damage the item.
  • If you can afford it, have your item restored by a restoration specialist. Choose an expert on vintage advertising signs, if possible.
  • Prevent pests like mice, termites, and moths from damaging your memorabilia by keeping your home or office clean. Fumigate, without the memorabilia in the room, whenever necessary.

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