Reproduction Civil War Uniforms

If you are fascinated by American Civil War history, it is easy to find quality reproduced uniforms that look just like the real thing. Most reproduction costumes are constructed to match the original Civil War military uniforms that were preserved after the war. These often use the correct materials and sewing techniques to create accurate pieces that can be worn at reenactments and other events.

What are common types of Civil War uniform reproductions?

Regardless of whether you are a cavalry, infantry, or artillery, you will typically need these costume pieces:

  • Trousers: All soldiers wore trousers on both sides.
  • Shirts: Civil War soldiers often wore their own shirts. Shirts patterned after original uniforms typically have roll-over collars.
  • Jackets: A jacket or sack coat was essential for most soldiers, especially officers, because it showed a person's rank. Civil War jackets tend to have decorated cuffs and buttons.
  • Overcoats: In cold weather, Civil War troops wore a longer great coat with a fixed cape.
  • Hats: Civil War uniforms for both sides included kepi, forage, slouch, or Hardee hats.
What uniform colours are accurate for Civil War reenacting?

Most people think that the Union army wore dark blue and the Confederates wore grey, but the reality is that limited wool supplies caused some members of the army to wear different colours.

  • Dark blue: Also called Prussian blue, this was the main colour for Union soldiers.
  • grey: grey was the first choice for the newly created Confederate army.
  • Sky blue: Lighter blue was the official colour of trousers for Union officers and infantry when the war broke out.
  • Butternut: Poor dye quality in the South meant that many Confederate soldiers ended up wearing a deep brownish yellow colour.
  • Green: Many Union sharpshooters wore dark green as camouflage.
What are Civil War uniforms made from?

Most uniforms were made from wool because Civil War military found that it was warm and durable. However, the Confederate army had a lot of cotton, so many Confederates used this material instead. Buttons were typically made of brass or pewter, and hats and belts were often leather.

What are good accessories for reproduction uniforms?

To make your uniform look more original, try these accessories:

  • Suspenders and belts: To keep uniforms from falling, the military typically needed to wear belts and suspenders.
  • Bags: Many members of the military carried knapsacks or haversacks to keep their equipment in. Cavalry often had saddlebags, and almost everyone carried a canteen to hold water.
  • Sashes: Decorative, colourful sashes were often used to individualize regiment uniforms.
  • Holsters and scabbards: Add a finishing touch by putting your reproduction guns or sabers into the proper equipment.