Retired Original Beanie Babies

Retired Original Beanie Babies

Retired original Beanie Babies are plush toys that are collector's items. These small stuffed animals from Ty Warner can add to your collection or simply be a way to celebrate your favourite animal. Whether you like Pugsley, Teenie, Bissonnette, or Boos, there are plenty of Ty Beanie Babies available.

What are Beanie Babies?

Beanie Babies are crafted by Ty Warner. They are stuffed animals that dont use conventional stuffing but instead use plastic pellets, also known as beans. Being understuffed with these plastic pellets gives each toy flexibility and adorable floppiness. The original collection was released in 1993, however, they were not factory-produced until 1994.

Which Beanie Babies are from the original collection?

The original 1993 Ty collection includes the following retired Beanie Babies.

  • Legs the Frog is a medium green colour with black eyes. This plush Beanie frog was first produced April 25, 1993, and it remained in production until October 1, 1997.
  • Chocolate the Moose is brown with beige antlers. He was debuted on April 27, 1993, and retired on December 31, 1998.
  • Squealer the Pig was first produced April 23, 1993, and remained in production until May 1, 1998. This pink Beanie pig features a curly tail.
  • Patti the Platypus was first produced on January 6, 1993, and retired that same year. The original version of this Ty Beanie Baby was a deep fuchsia colour.
  • Spot the Dog became available January 3, 1993, and discontinued April 13, 1994. The very first version of this white dog was produced without a spot.
  • Brownie the Bear, who was later renamed "Cubbie the Bear," first became available on November 14, 1993. This bear is two shades of brown and was discontinued on December 31, 1997.
  • Splash the Whale was created on July 8, 1993. He is black and one of the first Beanie Babies to be retired. This happened on May 11, 1997.
  • Flash the Orca looks like Splash but is grey. He was first made available on May 13, 1993, and discontinued on May 11, 1997.
  • Pinchers the Lobster (some rare Ty tag errors identified this animal as "Punchers") is dark red and was first produced on June 19, 1993. This toy remained in production until May 1, 1998.
How should you store and clean original Beanie Babies?

Due to their age and collectability, you should be careful when cleaning and storing your original Beanie Baby toy. It is recommended to store your collectible Ty Beanie away from direct sunlight and heat. You may also want to cover them so that they do not get dusty. If they become dirty, you can gently spot clean them with a soft cloth and warm water as needed.

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