Rugs & Carpets

Rugs & Carpets

Rugs and carpets aren't just decorative; area rugs and other designs offer a comfortable feel and can even prevent slips and falls on slick tile or hardwood flooring. Available in a range of sizes and designs, rugs complement your home and accent any space to add colour and texture to a room. Use them inside or outside for a multitude of purposes, and sink your feet into the comfort of a beautiful rug.

grey Area

The most well-known category of rugs is likely area rugs. Meant to cover a large or small space indoors, these decorative rugs pull double-duty as comfortable carpets that make walking a pleasure. From traditional Oriental options to geometric and graphic print designs, a gorgeous rug is a focal point and conversation starter. Choose styles that enhance other furniture and décor, or add a bold design to an otherwise drab room to liven up its look.

When One Door Closes

Door mats give guests a spot to wipe their feet off before they enter your home. Though they are useful, they are also the first glimpse your guests get of your personality and general home aesthetic, so whether you select a utilitarian rubber rug or a tongue-in-cheek mat with a silly saying on it, let's face it, these small floor protectors make an impression.

In the Long Run

Your entryway or hall is really long, and really boring. Floor runners add pizzazz to these parts of your home with pretty designs and visually appealing colours. Long, rectangular carpets that fit perfectly down a hallway, these work well over plain carpeting or hard flooring. Match your runners to your main area rugs for a polished look and feel, or opt for a non-skid style in spots that tend to get slippery. These are also stylish alternatives to an area rug, if you just need a small rug in front of a couch or media centre to add some texture and colour.

Making Fur Fly

Fur rugs are the ultimate in luxury, and walking over one barefoot is pure pleasure. Kids love faux fur options, and they come in fun shapes and colours to add excitement to a child's bedroom. Sheepskin and leather rugs look right at home in a library or 'man cave,' and offer a unique design and texture that ties in well with a more rustic look and feel. Specialty styles that suit specific personalities, these feel-good favourites combine form and function.