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How to Find a Replacement Hard Drive

Hard drives are key components in computers. Not only do they store all the software installed on a computer, but they also store the data files created and used by the software. This includes any files you have created and downloaded, such as music and movies. As such, when your drive breaks down or is no longer sufficient, the performance of your computer can be compromised.

What Is an SAS Hard Drive?

SAS stands for Serial Attached SCSI (SCSI Stands for Small Computer System Interface) a technology for transferring data to and from hard drives. The hard drives are the latest generation of enterprise level storage, with high levels of performance and reliability. SAS interfaces allow multiple devices (up to 128) of different sizes and types to be connected simultaneously and its full-duplex signal transmission supports 3.0 Gb/s. In addition, SAS drives can be hot plugged, making them far more convenient.

What Factors Should You Consider When Looking for a Hard Disk?

  • Form factor: The physical size of your disk drive will take influence from your PC architecture. Generally, desktops require a 3.5-inch drive while laptops use 2.5-inch drives.
  • Interface: Determine whether your PC is compatible or has the right connection for your hard drive. For instance, SAS drives require SAS controllers and will not work with serial ATA (SATA) controllers and cables.
  • Speed: Drive speeds express in revolutions per minute (RPMs) and the higher the number the faster you disk will perform. A fast hard drive will allow you to boot your computer faster and load programs much quicker.
  • Storage capacity: The capacity of your hard disk will depend on usage. Users who store large files such as music videos, movies and games are better off with a larger capacity.
  • Cache: This is the temporary memory space that a hard drive uses when transferring data from one section to another. The larger the cache, the better.

What Are the Features of 300 GB SAS Internal Hard Drives?

  • Performance: SAS drives offer incredible performance making them ideal for Enterprise Computing where high speed and high availability are crucial such as banking transactions and E-commerce. Although SAS disks feature lower capacities compared to SATA, they do make up for it in terms of speed and reliability. The drives boast high bandwidth, low latency and full command queuing and reordering.
  • Reliability: SAS hard drives are for use for high demanding applications where speed and high availability are the primary concerns. Compared to SATA drives, SAS HDDs have a better Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF).
  • Power consumption: SAS drives are more energy efficient. The drives typically use between 5 to 7 Watts when idle and between 10 to 14 Watts in normal operating conditions.

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