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SMC Modems

Buying your own modem can provide continuity and flexibility to design and control your home network. Whether you're building a network for the first time or looking to upgrade from an older model, SMC units are a reliable option. Depending on your network and your needs, you can find the right modem for you.

How do you choose a modem?

SMC makes several different models for your home or business LAN. Here are some key factors to keep in mind.

  • Service Provider: Before purchasing, check with your service provider to make sure that SMC products are compatible. SMC is a licensed provider for most nationwide internet service providers, but be sure to check ahead.
  • Bandwidth Speed: The next feature to look at is bandwidth because SMC offers options in this category. Especially if you're paying for high-speed Internet access, you want to be sure that you have hardware capable of handling the data. Always look at both the upload and download speeds. These speeds should be as high as your plan limits.
  • Number and Type of Devices: Finally, because most SMC products come with wireless routers built in, always look at the number and type of connections. If you have wireless devices, make sure that wireless is included. If you have wired connections, make sure that the SMC hardware has enough ports.
Do you need a modem, router, and switch?

The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but these hardware types actually do different things. Modems take the signal from an outside source, such as your internet service providers line, and the modem connects your home system to that source, and switches send information from your router to your end-user devices. Routers and wireless routers distribute signals to the different devices in your home. Most SMC models also act as wireless routers with the added benefit that they allow you to connect directly to a standard high-speed line. Additional physical or wireless routers can increase your network size, but the base speed will still depend on your internet provider and the capacity of the gateway device.

What does gateway mean?

A gateway is basically the same as a modem, except that gateways have routers built in. The term gateway refers to the fact that this hardware acts as a gatekeeper between the outside world and your home network. SMC modems, with built-in routers, solve the problem of having to install and configure one more item.