Introducing The Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Samsung's Galaxy Note10+ gives an over-the-top experience that meets the demands of any tech lover. Combining the needs of both gaming and computer technology users, the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ allows you to have the flexibility you want in a format you're familiar with. It has ease of use and an appealing design that is an improvement upon the previous Note models. 

Improved design 

Samsung has improved upon the well-loved design of the Note with the new Note10+. Thinner and with a larger screen, the Note10+ pushes the limits of what a smartphone can be. The Infinity-O display allows users to enjoy a cinematic experience built into their phone with a bright and crisp display.

Performance and speed 

Improved performance and speed are added bonuses of the new Note10+. The "HyperFast" 5G chip is paired with a 7-nanometer processor which allows for streaming content, downloading files, and live games, and it charges in 30 minutes with a battery that lasts all day. Videos and still photography have also been upgraded, and the Note10+ allows users to edit their automatically steadied videos with ease. Additional bonuses for video and photography lovers are the dual aperture lens, Ultra Wide Camera, Scene Optimizer, and Live focus. Equipped with a small, front-facing camera lens, Dynamic AMOLED is the display that turns the tide of the Samsung experience.

How can you control your device? 

The ability to control the Note10+ has also been improved with the customer in mind. Notes can now be jotted down and converted to text on the go with the ability to easily share with contacts. Phone control has also been improved with air actions that allow you to change the volume, flip through photos, and zoom in or out on the camera with a click or a wave.

CPU and tech specs 

The specs on the Note10+ are truly impressive. Sporting 12 GB of RAM with storage options of 256 GB or 512 GB and still leaving room for microSD expansion, the phone functions like a home computer. The operating system is Android 9.0 (Pie), and the device features an Octa-core CPU. The phone itself weighs only 6.9 ounces. Functionality is definitely not an issue for the Samsung Note10+.

What sizes do these phones come in? 

This phone can be found on eBay in a 6.3-inch and 6.8-inch display. Both of these feature a 7.9-millimeter width, meaning you can easily fit the phone anywhere.

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