Samsung Galaxy S7 Cell Phones & Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a fast, streamlined smartphone that was released in 2016. With its high-speed processor, cutting-edge graphics technology, and reliable battery life,€this Samsung phone enables you to tackle everything from email and texting to high-end gaming. This version of the Samsung Galaxy offers a host of features to make your personal and business communications easier and more efficient.

What colours does the S7 come in?

This Samsung Galaxy is available in three colours: Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, and White Pearl. All€three options have reflective back and front surfaces.

How big is the S7?

The mobile S7 features a 5.1-inch screen size.

What is the dual-SIM tray?

The Galaxy S7 features a convenient dual-SIM tray that serves multiple purposes. If you need to have€two separate phone numbers for work or business, you can insert 2 SIM cards. Alternatively, you can use the second slot for a microSD card to expand the memory capacity of the device.

What is a dual pixel sensor?

This unit is a feature of the Galaxy S7s camera. Each pixel on this professional-grade sensor has€two photodiodes, which allows for a hyper-accurate focus. The larger size also enables the device to capture a crisp, clear image, even in darkness and low-light conditions.

What is Knox?

Samsung Knox is a security solution thats available on the S7. Knox enables you to separate your personal data and business wireless data, so you can use the same phone for both functions. Simply tap the Knox icon to switch between the 2 modes, all without rebooting or waiting.

What is 3-D thermoforming?

3-D thermoforming is Samsungs proprietary construction process. It enables the manufacturer to create smooth, precise curves on the 3-D glass screen. The Thermoforming process leaves a seamless border between the glass and the curved metal frame, creating a high-strength unibody. The uninterrupted curve means that the phone is easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

What is the Game Launcher?

The S7 features the Game Launcher, a dedicated game control centre that makes it easy to find and open your favourite games. The centre automatically downloads games, so you dont have to find and add updates. Before you start a game, the Game Launchers controls make it easy to specify preferences for alerts, sounds, and settings.

What gaming features does this Samsung Galaxy have?

In addition to the Game Launcher, the S7 features integrated gameplay recording that enables you to save a video of the game. The simple controls allow you to start and stop recording without interrupting play. The S7 also supports the Vulkan API, which is common among game developers; as a result, youll experience smoother, faster play on programs developed with the API.

Other Samsung Galaxy S Models

Whether you are trading up from a Samsung Galaxy S, S II, S III, S4, S5, or S6, or you happen to be a fan of models that come before the Edge series, the S7 is a sleek, well-performing model, and more to the point: it is the last of an era in the Galaxy S line. The Edge series, beginning with the S6 Edge and continuing through to S7 Edge, S8, S8+, and the 2018 S9 and S9+ additions are those models with screens that wrap around the edges of your handset, and with subsequent releases, this style of screen hasa standard among Samsung releases. The S9 and S9+ models are available on eBay. You can find attachments, accessories, replacement parts and more for any of these offerings, whatever your screen preference.

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