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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Tablets are a great way to keep in touch, play games, and watch movies on the go. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is an Android-based tablet that features a touchscreen and camera. Models are either 8 inches or 10 inches in size.

What are the features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

While specific features vary by model, the Galaxy Tab 3 typically features:

  • Android Operating System
  • Front and rear facing cameras
  • Micro-SD card slot for increased storage
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multi-touch touchscreen
  • Minimum 16GB onboard memory

Features which vary by Samsung tablet models may include:

  • Mobile broadband (4g) connectivity. (Separate subscription required for mobile broadband service.)
  • HD video playback
  • Multi-window mode
  • 32 to 64GB onboard memory
Can you watch movies on the Galaxy Tab 3?

Yes. With this Samsung tablet, you can download movies and episodes of your favourite television shows onto your Android tablet to watch offline. You can also stream movies and television shows over a wireless connection or a 4G LTE data connection. Of course, you can also play games, use as a GPS device, as well as download a variety of apps for productivity, information, and entertainment.

How do you extend the life of the battery?

As with any tablet, mobile phone, or other battery-powered device, battery life of your Samsung tablet is dependent on the exact usage and other circumstances. Typically, activities such as playing games and streaming media will consume battery life quicker than activities such as checking your calendar. However, there are several things you can do to maximize battery life, including:

  • Lower screen brightness
  • Lower the volume for music or video playback
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not in use
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use
  • Turn off vibration
  • Turn off mobile broadband when not in use
  • Put the tablet in standby when not using it
How do you pair other devices to your Android tablet?

To pair devices to your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Tap the menu key from any home screen. It will be on the bottom left.
  • Click on settings.
  • Turn the Bluetooth on by moving the slider to the right in a single motion.
  • Tap scan, if necessary, to see a list of devices that are in range .
  • Tap the apparatus that you want to pair with.
  • Enter the passkey or pin code on the Tab 3 when necessary. You may need to do the same on the other device so the pairing can be accepted.
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