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Finding Your New Computer

Effectively choosing a new computer means knowing what you need out of one,whether it's for work or just everyday use. Before making the investment,you need to consider all of the features as well as the operating system that it will use before you can find the right one. Samsung has been creating computers since 1983, and they have 25 years' experience making both laptops and personal computers. Their recommended operating system is Windows, as it's compatible with their hardware, and many of their laptops and PCs come with the Windows 7, a popular and feature-rich OS, installed.

What Features Are Available in These Computers?

Samsung makes laptops, personal computers, notebooks, and netbooks, each suiting different types of users. Their computers that come with Windows 7 released after 2009 and come in both new and used condition. Here are some of the features you can find in their range:

  • Functions: Additional features like a touch screen display, automatic updates to fix bugs and problems, and built in webcam for video communication.
  • Storage: Built in storage between 256 GB to 1 TB or less, with the option for additional storage with external hard drive and USB drivers.
  • System: Various Intel core processors depending on the device and install updates available for Windows 7.
  • Size: Compact laptops and notebooks are available as well as full sized PCs running the Windows system.

What Does Windows Offer?

These devices that operate with Windows 7 come with the software already installed, and there are regular updates available. These are a few of the features that Windows offers in this system:

  • Media: Windows Media Center can be work as a TV or method of viewing photos and videos through your computer.
  • Drivers: A number of drivers available to download as software for all types of hardware including motherboards, graphic cards, and externalstorage.
  • Connectivity: Can connect with other computers, mobile phones, and devices on the home network and uses a Wi-Fi connection when possible.
  • Communication: A variety of programs for communicating and editing including Live Mail, Messenger, and Photo Gallery.
  • Security: Improved security measures and built in antivirus software to keep your computer safe.
  • Programs and applications: Create word documents, spreadsheets, graphs, images, and videos with the suite of Microsoft programs.

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