Seat Belts & Parts for Toyota Camry

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Seat Belts and Parts for Toyota Camry

Every safety feature in your Toyota Camry is necessary to ensure your safety while driving. For all the advanced capabilities of your Camrys safety system, though, there is perhaps no component more important than the seat belts. Therefore, ensuring that your seat belts are in great condition is crucial to your safety and peace-of-mind while you journey toward your next destination.

What are the features of a Toyota Camrys seat belts?

To keep you safe in all circumstances, your Camry is equipped with advanced seat belts that are able to respond to changing driving conditions.

  • Easy-to-use: Your Camry features belt buckle releases that are over-sized to ensure they are easy to find, even in low light. Additionally, they are custom-engineered to be able to unroll and retract easily, even in extreme temperatures.
  • Durable: Being exposed to extreme temperatures can take its toll on vehicle components, but your Camrys seat belts are designed to be strong and secure, even after many years of exposure.
  • Ergonomic: These belts are easy to adjust, so you can place the shoulder and lap belts on your body to ensure optimum safety. The soft-touch materials that your belts are made of ensure you wont experience any discomfort if the belt ever rubs on bare skin.
  • Smart: The seat belts in your Toyota Camry lock automatically in the event that sudden brake pressure is applied. This keeps your body from moving too far forward in the event of an accident, ensuring the air bag is able to effectively do its job.
What companies manufacture seat belts for a Camry?

Your seat belt, while acting for your safety as one cohesive unit, is actually made up of a few different components which differ in their availability from different sources. The belts themselves are generally original equipment manufacturer, or OEM models. The same is true for most of the retractor and locking mechanisms that are available for your Toyota Camry.

When it comes to the belt buckles, you certainly have OEM options available, but you can also choose from some aftermarket varieties if you want to add a bit of a different style to your Toyota Camry.

How do you replace a seat belt on a Camry?

If your seat belt becomes worn or wont retract for some reason, its important to replace it quickly.

  1. Remove the trim covering the retractor and seat belt assembly by popping it out of its clips.
  2. Remove the bolts holding the seat belt assembly in place, then feed the seat belt through the upper trim piece.
  3. Install the new seat belt assembly by feeding the belt through the upper trim piece, then positioning the retractor and re-installing the bolts.
  4. Attach the other end of the belt assembly by re-installing the bolts, then snap the trim pieces back into place.
  5. Finally, pull the seat belt out and allow it to retract to check for proper operation.