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Dodge Ram 1500 Seat Covers

Spilled drinks and dirty pet paws cause Dodge Ram seats to wear quickly. Whether you are a highway driver or off-road adventurer, you will find Dodge Ram 1500 seat covers to suit your personality and style. Continue reading to find out how seat covers conceal old stains and prevent new ones from ruining the upholstery.

How do seat covers protect Dodge Ram’s upholstery?

Water, dirt, and daily wear can cause the upholstery to fray and fade. Dodge Ram seat covers are made of special materials to shield stock upholstery from these damaging culprits. The seat covers are available in a variety of style options to make the interior more attractive.

  • Paws and claws: Your pet may enjoy going for a ride, but the constant shifting from paw to paw can fray the upholstery. Add shedding hair and dirty paw prints, and you are facing a dilemma. With a set of car seats to protect your seats, you both can enjoy the ride.
  • Moisture: Your clothes may get wet from the rain or a day at the beach. The moisture can build up, leaving mold and an unpleasant smell. A set of waterproof seat covers will keep the dripping from seeping through to your seats.
  • Sun damage: Usually, the sun is a welcoming sign. However, the ultraviolet rays will cause the upholstery to fade if continuously exposed to the sun. UV protective covers keep the sun from discoloring seats.
What types of seat covers are available for the Ram?

You should familiarize yourself with different materials before selecting seat covers for your Ram truck. Each has unique features, which may sway your decision one way or the other. Following is a list of favorable materials for the Dodge Ram 1500.

  • Neoprene: Neoprene is made of waterproof material. Its durable composition shields seats from a range of mishaps.
  • Leather: Leather seat covers keep allergens from making a home in fabric upholstery and clean easily with the wipe of a cloth.
  • Velour: Besides being easy to clean, this plush fabric feels extremely comfortable on the backside. You will also find velour seat covers with the Dodge Ram logo.
  • Poly-cotton: This breathable combo merges moisture-absorbing capabilities and durability. It stands up well to spills and offers long-lasting comfort.
  • Sheepskin: Sheepskin covers are naturally soft, and protect your interior from daily wear and tear. As a bonus, they keep seats cool in the summer and warm in the winter.