Seats for Nissan 370Z

Do these parts fit your vehicle? Find out now.

Seats for Nissan 370Z

To keep the interior of your Nissan 370Z in good condition, its important to have comfortable and attractive seats. Every item made for the Nissan company is comprised of materials that have undergone various safety and construction tests. You can choose to replace one seat in your Nissan coupe, or you can replace them all for both the driver and passengers.

What replacement seats for the Nissan 370Z are available?

Replacement seats for the Nissan 370Z are available for both the front and the back of your vehicle. The majority of seats are the standard-fitting types that will look and feel like they are the original ones from the time when the car was manufactured. Rather than the typical cushioned seat in your vehicle, you can even choose from a more fitted racing style. The racing style may help you keep control of your vehicle no matter what G-forces are acting upon you and the vehicle while youre driving. Some of the racing products may even recline.

What seat options for the Nissan 370Z are available?

When choosing Nissan 370Z seats, you typically have four options: unbranded, private label, aftermarket branded, and genuine OEM parts.

Genuine OEM parts are created solely by the Nissan company. Aftermarket branded products are produced by various manufacturers, including Standard Motor Parts, Buddy Club, Dash Designs, and WD Express. These items may have more style and comfort differences than the Nissan products, but you can expect them to function just like the original ones in your 370Z.

Which seat colors are available for the Nissan 370Z?

You can choose from the original colors that are in your Nissan 370Z. Some of your color choices are:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Blue
What features do these seat replacements typically have?

No matter which type of seats you have in your Nissan 370Z, you can find the replacement or upgrade to one that may be more beneficial to you. Options include adjustable, heated, massaging, and reclining. Adjustable and reclining styles allow you to improve your comfort while driving or riding. Heated cushions provide warmth throughout the bottom and possibly the lumbar area. Massaging seats send gentle pulsations through the stressful areas of your body to help you stay relaxed while on the road.

Before getting any of these seat styles, check with your owners manual to make certain that these particular types of seats will be a proper fit in your Nissan 370Z.