Sensi by Giorgio Armani Women's Fragrances

Giorgio Armani is a recognizable name in fashion and lifestyle products. Fragrances by Giorgio Armani emerged from a partnership with L'Oreal and the result was fragrances like Sensi. With notes of kaffir lime, cape jasmine, and vanilla, Sensi by Giorgio Armani is a unique women's fragrance.

What notes does Sensi by Giorgio Armani feature?

The fragrance created by Alberto Morillas starts with top notes of arcadia farnese and kaffir lime. At heart is cape jasmine and barley, a different and unique addition. The perfume finishes with base notes of palisander wood and benzoin with light vanilla accents.

How do you apply Sensi perfume?

To apply Sensi, simply spray or dab the scent on the desired body area. When applying to the wrists, resist the urge to rub your wrists together to distribute the product to both. Scrubbing the wrists together obliterates the top notes and causes the fragrance to break down faster. Apply your product before you dress or put on your jewellery for best results.

Some favour spritzing their scent into the air and walking through it. If you're on a budget or want to lengthen the use of a hard-to-get product, avoid doing so. Direct application will give the strongest scent without wasting any product.

When scenting the hair, remember the alcohol content can dry out your locks. Instead, consider spraying your perfume on a hairbrush and then running the hairbrush through your clean, dry hair. Remember that natural oils or excessive product in the hair can change the scent of your perfume.

How do you store perfume?

To keep your perfumes unchanged and ready to apply for all of your special occasions, be attentive in how and where you store them.

  • Don't keep your favourite perfumes in the bathroom. The consistent heat, light, and moisture of that room will degrade your favourite scents. Keep them in cool, dark, dry areas like linen closets or even small drawers exclusively for them.
  • Don't keep your fragrance bottles on shelves and in an area where they can easily be knocked off. Not only will you be out a bottle of a favourite scent, but you will not enjoy the lingering effects at the area where it crashed.
  • Don't shake your fragrance bottles. Unless specifically instructed by the producer, doing so will only force air into the container which will hasten its breakdown.
How can you make Sensi perfume last longer?
  • Sensi may last longer on moist, smooth skin whereas dry skin can absorb the product faster.
  • Use petroleum jelly first and then apply your product. Instead of the product soaking into your pores, it will bind with the jelly, potentially lasting longer.
  • Apply to pulse points like your wrists, your neck, inside your elbows, and more. Don't apply to all of your pulse points at once, as doing so might be overwhelming for you and others, but apply with good judgment.
  • Use a bit of your product in an unscented lotion to create a layering effect. If your body lotion carries the same smell when combined with your product, you may achieve a nice subtle but persistent wear.
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