Shadow Boxes

Showcase your favourite artwork, photo, or hobby within a shadow box. This type of metal or wood box is like a deeper version of a picture frame. It allows you to display different objects or art in a more dramatic way.

What is a shadow box used for?

Originally, the shadow box frame was used by military members. When the individual retired, they were presented with a shadow box. This picture frame typically included awards and medals from their career. The wood box might have the flag of their country, their final rank, and their military branch.

These wood boxes are available in colours like white and black. They may be made of materials like wood, glass, or metal. Crafters use the display box to show off their favourite crafts. Other people use the shadow-box frame as a picture frame to display their artwork. A photo or other personal memorabilia may be used to create a nostalgic display in a shadow box.

How do you decorate a shadow box?

After buying a shadow-box frame, you can use various artistic items, found items, or crafted items to decorate it. Here are some steps for setting up a shadow box:

  • Find the right frame: The first step is to find a shadow-box frame that you like. It could be made of wood or metal. The frame may be in a colour like white, black, or silver. While white and black are neutral colours, you should pick the colour that complements the photo or art that you are displaying in the picture frame.
  • Pick scrapbook paper: Within the picture frame, people will view your artistic items. To fill up any empty space between each wall, you can use scrapbook paper. This type of material can be cut in different sizes and shapes for a prettier appearance when you look behind the glass.
  • Install your mementos: Your mementos can be placed between each wall of the shadow-box frame. While a photo may naturally lie flat against the wall, you can also make it three dimensional. A few copies of the same picture can be layered to give the image extra depth when you view it from outside of the glass.
How thick is the wall of the box frame?

Each wood frame has different dimensions. Your choice of box depends on the things you want to put in it. Before you start designing your shadow box, start by considering the depth, colour, and style that you want. In addition to colours like white and black, these boxes are available in predesigned themes, like nautical, sports, and natural.