Shaving & Grooming Kits & Sets

A Guide to Convenient Shaving & Grooming Kits

Shaving & grooming kits are useful tools for people who want to make keeping up their appearance easy and convenient. These kits combine quality products that complement each other and make personal care a snap.

What’s the difference between a beard trimmer and a grooming razor?

There are a few differences between a beard trimmer in a beard grooming kit and a personal grooming razor. A beard trimmer is designed to simply maintain the length of a beard, mustache, or goatee. It can keep facial hair growth trimmed short or at a length of 1 or 2 inches. Grooming razors are found in many kits and feature interchangeable attachments for everything from a clean shave to trimming longer hair.

What types of shaving & grooming kits are available?

A variety of shaving & grooming kits are on the market today. There are a few main types to consider before making a purchase. One sought-after version is a kit with a specific brand’s toiletries such as soaps, shaving tonic, scrub, and lotions. They may also include trimming scissors and other small tools such as a replacement razor head. These kits are usually combined with some type of razor plus any attachments it requires. Another type to consider is a basic grooming kit that has a motorized razor and a variety of attachments and cleaning tools to keep it working properly. You can also find a straight razors kit with classic barbershop-style tools for a retro flair. Here are a few other options to look for while shopping:

  • Handheld triple and quadruple blade razor grooming kits
  • Unisex grooming kits
  • Herbal organic shaving and grooming kits
Can grooming & shaving kits be used for women’s grooming?

Although many grooming and shaving kits are intended for a specific gender, many are suitable for both men's and women’s grooming needs. Before making a purchase, read more about the suggestions for use to determine which would be the most suitable for your purposes. A woman might not want a kit that includes a beard trimmer, for example. Some manufacturers' product descriptions will tell you whether the kit is ideal for women’s grooming needs.

Are there shaving & grooming kits for use in the shower?

Fortunately, many grooming kits are waterproof for easy use in the shower. Most of the razors featured in these kits have interchangeable heads and provide a safe, smooth shave for most areas of the body. They are also ideal for both men and women. Kits that are suitable for use in water are labeled as such.