Shaving & Hair Removal Products

How Do You Use Hair Removal Creams?

Choose a cream intended for specific skin types or areas to ensure best results. For example, some creams are ideal for facial hair while others are better suited for leg hair removal. Clean skin with mild soap and warm water, and then apply a small amount of cream to a small area to make sure it does not irritate the skin. Wait at least a few hours before applying the cream to the rest of the area, and carefully monitor the test spot for any redness or swelling. If there is no adverse reaction, cover the area with a layer of hair removal cream, leave on for the recommended time, then rinse off with warm water. Gently dry skin with a soft towel. Do not use the cream on cuts, blemishes, or burns.

€What Are the Top-selling Shaving Razor Brands?

BIC, Crystal, Feather, and Kai are among the top-selling razor blades on the market. BIC blades are suitable for sensitive skin or those who may be new to wet shaving. Crystal blades are appropriate for men with thick beards, as they feature a sharper edge that does not pull on the skin as it cuts. Feather razor blades hail from Japan, and are some of the sharpest blades available. They are advisable for those who have experience with wet shaving and prefer a more aggressive cut. Kai blades boast a thick-gauge steel design that is slightly duller than the Feather, making them an option for wet shavers with sensitive skin or thinner beards.