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Ford Mustang Shocks and Struts

Few luxury cars are more iconic than the Ford Mustang. A pinnacle of American ingenuity and style, the Mustang is a beast of a car, every part high-tuned for maximum performance. The suspension, however, is a particularly important piece of this American classic.

How do suspension systems work in a Ford Mustang?

Suspension systems, or torsion bars, on a Ford Mustang are designed to provide the perfect driving experience without sacrificing handling. The Ford Mustang is precisely balanced to allow for maximum handling without sacrificing the comfort of the driving experience. This is also important in protecting the bottom of the Mustang vehicle. If a Ford Mustangs suspension is too low, the driving experience will be uncomfortable and the bottom of the vehicle will be vulnerable to rocks and debris. However, if the suspension is too high, the driving experience will be comfortable, but the vehicle will be difficult to control and even possibly create a dangerous situation for the driver. Therefore, Ford has put a great deal of care into the parts that go into the torsion bars.

What makes up the Ford Mustang’s suspension?

A lot of different parts are required to control a Ford Mustangs driving experience. One of the main pieces are the shock absorbers or "shocks." Shocks are thick metal springs designed to absorb the force from the Ford driving down the road. Shocks also help to create a much more comfortable ride by helping to control for the unevenness of a cars brakes. Because of where brakes are placed in a new car, they would create an uneven and bumpy ride if cars did not have shocks.

How do shocks attach to the Ford Mustang?

The main component that attaches the shocks to the Ford Mustang is a part of the vehicle called the "struts." Struts are the metal part of a Ford Mustangs frame which attaches to the shocks. They also help smooth out your driving experience.

When should struts and shocks on a Mustang be replaced?

Because of the important role that struts and shocks play in the comfort of your driving experience, it is important to have your struts and shocks regularly checked to see if you should replace them. Of course, because the struts and the shocks have such an obvious effect on your comfort, it is easy to tell if there is a serious problem with your struts or shocks. Here are some possible signs:

  • If you’re bouncing more than normally on bumpy roads.
  • If you brake and the car doesn’t stay level but nosedives forward.
  • If your tires bounce on the road.