Shocks & Struts for Mazda 3

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Mazda 3 Shocks & Struts

The shocks or struts on a Mazda 3 are designed to help maintain the overall height of the vehicle and to keep it from bouncing when youre driving over rough or uneven terrain. Some cars have struts, some have shocks, and some use both devices. The vehicles shock absorber is part of its suspension system; it allows the brakes and tires to function as intended.

What kinds of Mazda 3 shocks and struts are available?

Various parts of a cars suspension system can be affixed to different areas of the vehicle, depending on your needs and preferences. These components also differ based on the type of fit they have. In each case, the strut will provide you with a place to mount a coil spring. Placement areas for most vehicles include the following:

  • The front left assembly.
  • The front right assembly.
  • The rear left assembly.
  • The rear right assembly.
How do you test your cars suspension system?

You may wish to test the various components of your vehicles system to help you determine when its time to replace some parts. There are a few simple things you can do to test these parts for yourself.

  • Stand next to one of the wheels of your car and examine the vehicle in its normal state of rest.
  • Place your hands over one of the wheelbases and apply downward pressure to it.
  • Release the wheel and watch for that part of the vehicle to bounce back up again. It should return to the center where it was when it was in its resting state.
  • Repeat this examination for all four wheels. If any of the wheelbases continue to bounce upward beyond their normal resting state, some parts may need to be replaced.
What parts do shock and strut assemblies have?

Although some of these parts may differ from model to model, most complete assemblies for vehicles have the following main components:

  • Mounting hardware
  • A bumper kit
  • A boot
  • An isolator
  • A spring seat
  • Coil springs when necessary
What materials do these assemblies use?

Each assembly for these systems has a mix of different parts that work in concert to keep your vehicle functioning as it should. Individual parts are made from different materials. These are some common materials youll find:

  • Spring steel is used for the coil springs. Silicon is a key component in many of these springs.
  • The metal tubes may be forged from steel alloys.
  • Some items may be coated with a neoprene powder.
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