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Shocks and Struts for Toyota RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV produced by Toyota, and it is designed to provide easy maneuverability, good fuel economy, high visibility, and expansive cargo room. Frequently offering four-wheel drive as an option, the compact SUV is designed for fun driving. This SUVs suspension system keeps the ride safe and comfortable amid roadway hazards, and you can find an array of OEM and aftermarket shocks and struts to keep your RAV4 driving smoothly and safely.

What do Toyota RAV4’s shocks, struts, and springs do?

Shock absorbers, struts, and springs make up the suspension system for your Toyota RAV4. The purpose of this system is to keep your vehicle safe and your ride comfortable as you go over bumps, potholes, and other hazards on the roadways. The suspension system protects your tires, brakes, and other components from excessive wear and other damages caused by rough roads, uneven paving, and other obstacles. The main parts of the suspension are:

  • Shocks: Shock absorbers help your RAV4 to dampen any bounce, roll, sway, and other effects from the roadway. They keep your SUVs ride calm and comfortable despite potholes and other problems. They use hydraulic fluid to help absorb energy from the road and to moderate the vehicles response.
  • Springs: These are made from spring steel, are wound up in the familiar spiral shape, and allow your SUV to move with roadway dangers rather than experiencing uncomfortable and dangerous impacts. They help to absorb the energy of potholes and bumps, and they are durable, long-lasting parts.
  • Struts: Struts are part of the structure of your RAV4s suspension, mounted to the chassis and connected to the coiled springs, keeping them mounted and using hydraulic fluid to manage bumps and other roadway obstacles.
What are signs the RAV4s shocks and struts need service?

Shocks and struts are an active part of the ride and operation of your Toyota RAV4 SUV. As you go over uneven roads, potholes, and other obstacles, they receive a significant amount of wear. Shocks and struts do need to be replaced in order to ensure that your vehicle continues to experience a safe and comfortable ride. At minimum, you should have the suspension inspected every 50,000 miles and replace the shocks and struts if necessary. You can feel and see signs that these parts need replacement as you drive. These indications include:

  • Excessive bouncing: When the RAV4 bounces strongly on rough roads or after bumps, this could show that your shocks are no longer absorbing the energy from the response of the springs to the roadway.
  • Dipping at the front or rear: When your car dips at the front while braking or in the rear while accelerating, this could be a sign that your front or rear shocks or struts need replacement. You can also see indications that your suspension could be worn out if the vehicle dives excessively while you’re turning.
  • Leaking fluid: Leaking hydraulic fluid or oil can be a strong indication that the shock or strut is damaged and needs replacement.