Shower Heads & Combos

Shower Heads

For many, taking a shower is a chance to disconnect from the world while getting clean. However, having the right one can make or break the relaxing sanctuary that your bathroom provides. If you need a new shower head, there are many different considerations to fit your personal hygiene needs.

What types of shower heads are there?

The type of shower head refers to the number of different settings it offers. There are three main types of shower heads:

  • Single-setting: A shower head with a single setting releases a consistent stream of water that cannot be changed.
  • Multi-setting: Users can change the pressure and the intensity of the water by choosing a different setting on the shower head.
  • Shower towers: These bathroom accessories have multiple heads that can release water at the same time. Some models have both a fixed head and a hand-held head. Others may include body jets.
What features can shower heads offer?

Some shower accessories can make taking a shower easier, or they can make the bathroom a more comfortable place to pamper yourself.

  • Steam: Steam showers are units that have special doors that seal in the steam. The steam features can be used in conjunction with the shower head to create a calm, relaxing environment.
  • Aerating: If you like the flow from your shower head to feel more substantive, this feature mixes air with the water to make a fine, misty spray.
  • Hand-held: Hand-held models have heads on a hose that are held in your hand, allowing you to focus the spray on specific parts of the body.
  • Rain: These models have large heads, a wide spray pattern, and reduced pressure to mimic the soft feeling of falling rain.
What other considerations are there when looking for shower heads?

When you take a shower, you need a shower head that feels good, works with your bathrooms plumbing, and meets your personal needs.

  • Water efficiency: Water-efficient models balance the desire to conserve water by reducing the flow amount while also providing multiple settings to help make the spray feel pleasant to users.
  • Stream: If you like wider streams, you may need a shower head that has a wider base. A smaller shower head with a narrower base will make a more concentrated stream.
  • Installation: If you want to install the shower head by yourself, a single-setting or multi-setting shower head is typically faster and easier. There are more steps to install a rain shower head or shower tower.