Side Marker Lights for Ford Mustang

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Ford Mustang Side Marker Lights

Make sure that your Mustang is clearly visible from all angles with replacement Ford Mustang side marker lights. This type of light is usually amber in color and comes in a range of styles and sizes. Almost all contemporary vehicles use LED lights that are simple plug-and-play devices that virtually anyone can replace.

What is an automotive side marker light?

Ford Mustang side marker lights are enhanced safety features that are standard on cars, trucks, and trailers. Factory-installed lighting adheres to standard safety and performance with construction that includes a heavy-duty glass lens and LED or single-element bulbs. You can also find upgrades as an after-market feature in colors other than amber.

What are some reasons to replace marker lights?

LED lights offer excellent lighting and endurance qualities. However, they are still susceptible to the same problems as any automotive or trailer lights, even when they’re properly sealed and installed. Besides your desire for a sportier design or different color, some reasons for replacing your existing sidelights include the following:

  • Premature cracking or breakage
  • Loosening due to vehicle vibration or riding rough terrain
  • Wear or lens clouding
Can any side marker light work on Ford Mustangs?

There is a range of factory or Original Equipment Manufacturer lights that are manufactured to fit Ford Mustangs. There are also generic lights that are designed to fit a range of vehicles with similar connectors and body sizes and styles. Its a good idea to check the specific compatibility of whatever light you choose with your particular Ford Mustang model.

What kinds of marker lights are there?

The standard Ford Mustang lights are amber lights. Some motorists prefer clear or red lights, which tend to offer less distortion and brighter visibility than amber lights. They usually work when the headlights are turned on, although some models work with the blinker only. Other types are designed to work with both settings. Other choices are listed here:

  • Mini truck and trailer lights
  • Round marker lights
  • Oval marker lights
  • Rectangular marker lights
  • Cab-top marker lights
How do you install side marker lights?

If the problem is a burnt-out bulb, theyre as easy to replace as a common light bulb in a lamp. When the lens is cracked or otherwise damaged due to impact, youll need to replace the whole unit. Most single-bulb or LED lights are easy to remove and replace. When considering a replacement part, look for one thats made from high-impact, high-grade plastic. In addition to red, clear, and amber, there are side marker lights that have an opaque or smoked acrylic lens. The basic procedure can be used for Ford Mustang car, truck, or trailer lights, and is as follows:

  1. Reach up under the wheel well and locate the release clip for the light.
  2. Pry open the clip and pull the light free from the vehicle body, paying attention to how its connected.
  3. Disconnect the wiring harness by depressing its metal spring clip.
  4. Put the old lighting unit aside and put the new one in place.
  5. Push the spring clip until its firmly inserted in the new light.
  6. Using the guide pins, slip the new marker light into the body cavity, top first.
  7. Ease it into place, making sure that the wiring harness isnt caught or obstructed.
  8. Engage the release clip.
  9. Turn on the light to check that its operational.