Side Marker Lights for Ford Ranger

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Ford Ranger Side Marker Lights

Lights for the sides of your Ford Ranger and trailer help to increase your visibility and safety while on the road or maneuvering in parking lots. Many places require that amber or red LED trailer lights be installed on any type of trailer, and they must be spaced a specific distance apart along the sides and back. These side and trailer lights use LEDs for bright illumination.

What are the features of Ford Ranger side marker lights?
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs: LED bulbs use a minimal amount of power from your Ford trucks battery. They offer a bright glow and a minimal amount of heat release. The LEDs also have a long lifespan, delivering about 10,000 hours of running time.
  • Integration with turn signals: The LED side marker lights can be integrated with the wiring of your Ford trucks turn signals and hazard lights, providing other drivers with information about your intentions on the road.
  • Colored covers or lights: The LEDs may have colored glass so that they glow red, amber, purple, or another color. If the LEDs are transparent, they may be covered with a colored acrylic or plastic part. The available cover colors include red and amber. There are also transparent covers.
What are the types of Ford Ranger side marker lights?
  • Signal lights: Amber markers on the sides of your vehicle or trailer can function as auxiliary turn blinkers. The amber markers blink in unison along with the front and rear turn blinkers.
  • Safety lights: The amber markers function as safety lights that alert motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers of other vehicles to the presence of your truck so that you can be seen in low-visibility conditions such as fog, snow, or rain.
  • Trailer lights: Most states require that trailers attached to the hitch of your truck be outfitted with trailer lights. The trailer lights are the same as markers for the body of the vehicle. The lights for the trailer attach to its sides and back. Trailer lights coordinate with the hazards, turn blinkers, and tail lights of the vehicle.
How do you install Ford Ranger side marker lights?
  • If your Ford Ranger already has side lights or reflectors on it, you can use a pry tool to remove the current lights after disconnecting the wiring from underneath and behind the wheel base. This allows you to upgrade to LED lighting units.
  • If there are no red or amber lighting units on the sides of your Ford Ranger or trailer, you will need to drill through the wheel base to install them.
    1. Use painters tape to mark the location on your truck where you will drill for installing the LED lighting units.
    2. Drill a hole that accommodates the stem of the LED side marker lights.
    3. Insert the adapter.
    4. Connect red to red and black to black for wiring the side marker lights parallel to your trucks tail lights. Marker lights on a trailer should connect to your taillights. Front markers should connect to your headlights.